Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have my first all out holo polish. Milani 3D in Cyberspace. A soft, cool blue packed with holographic goodness. This polish is easy to apply. I have read about difficulties with holos, dragging, streaking and so forth but this was a pleasure to paint on. I only had to fill in a couple of small bald-ish spots. Three coats over basecoat gave a perfectly opaque finish. My Grand Canyon like ridges are still trying to show... A fourth coat probably would have taken care of that but it wasn't really needed.

I photographed this polish in direct sun and sun through my kitchen window. I got the pretty sparkle and shimmer but didn't capture the bands that I have seen in other holo polishes. But this is still pretty, pretty, pretty. I wonder if that special for holos basecoat would help? Anyhoozle...

Photo time.

Yepper. I am subjecting you to a ton of photos, again. I think this is becoming a trend. I hope that you don't mind. :) They are clickable, if you are so inclined. 

I bought this polish at my local CVS for $4.49. I really like it and I am going to get the rest of the colours.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Ahh this is so pretty! I wish I had a better range of Milani in my area! I'll have to see if Kmart has this! :)

  2. Thank you so much! :D

    Sarah, I bought mine at CVS. :)

  3. The lilac one from this line is one of my favorites, though it's not as holo-y as some other holo polishes.

  4. Thank you for a ton of photos! I think with holos you have to do a ton of photos. One of these days I will own this set..Ive passed it up waaay too many times. Looks fantastic!

  5. KarenD, the evil enabler strikes again. Now I know which colour I have to have next. :D

    Lyric, thanks for telling me that it isn't too many pics. I was kind of afraid I was beginning to spook everyone with my photo dumps. lol

    You really should try these polishes. They are really nice. :D

  6. This polish is amazingly beautiful.=)

    I'm jealous, because you have a good weather. In Slovenia it's been raining for 3 days, I really miss the sun. *blush*

  7. i love it! I haven't tried any Milani polishes yet, but this one looks fantastic on you :D

  8. I have the lilac one its so pretty! Now I want this one and the green one,must find them lol

  9. The green one is my favorite in this line, its is so pretty!

    You have to get more Holo's :)

  10. Thanks you, girls. Now I have to get the green, too. Jackie, you are as bad as Karen. lol


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