Manicure of the Moment: Plus Update at the End of This Post :D

Hello gentle readers. And just a caution; this post is a tad long winded. ;)

How are you doing, today? Well, I hope. :) It is sunny here, today but the temps are dropping and the wind has kicked up, making it a little chilly, around here. It is finally starting to feel like November. :D

Today I have a review of Confetti Moonstruck. I was under the impression that this brand had been pulled from the shelves due to a conflict of interest issue with another company. I bought this at my local CVS last week and I was surprised to see it. Perhaps they have solved their issues? To be perfectly honest, I am not terribly impressed with this polish. The colour is pretty but the formula is inconsistent, the coverage patchy and the finish just so-so. I applied two coats and got opaque coverage but some thin spots at some of my tips.

I wasn't mad about the brush, either. It is a not so great version of a classic round brush. Using it wasn't a terribly happy experience. I own another taupe polish, Rimmel Lasting finish Pro in Steel Grey and I think that Rimmel did it better. The colour, the formula, the brush are all superior to Confetti. I seriously doubt that I will use this polish, again. I may just return it. CVS takes returns on makeup and polish, so why keep a bottle I dislike so much when I can get my money back. Even if it is just a couple of bucks.

Here is Confetti Moonstruck in sun. No topcoat. I'll 'splain about that in a moment.

Part two of this post has to do with a matte topcoat. I have been looking for one in my Podunk, piece of crap, Bum Fuck Egypt town for quite a long while. Prescott, Arizona sucks in more way than the many that it seriously does. I can't find anything I want, here! For anything I see and want to get I have to either order it or get it in the Valley. Gah! I can't even find Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac and Concrete. Two lemmings of mine. I also can't find the new Sally Hansen Complete Manicure colours and we just got the new Revlon glitters. (I snagged Galaxy. I'll review it at a later date.) And my local Sally's? Pffft! It is a miracle when I get something new and desired there. :P

Okay, 'nuff bitching. lol When I was in Hell Mart last week, I was sifting through the Hard Candy display when I spotted it. Oh. My. Gosh! Right in the middle of the nail polish was... Matte top coat. With a little squeal of delight, I reached in, waaaay to the back of the display (the only way to ensure getting a bottle that hasn't been swatched by some rude idiot) and plucked one from it's little shelf and added it to my haul. It was five dollars. Not too bad, really. I have seen lower prices online, but after I pay shipping... Six one, half a dozen the other.

I gave Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love a test drive today over my Confetti Moonstruck. It certainly made my polish matte. How well it will hold up, if it gets shiny after I wash my hands or put on lotion is yet to be determined. I will say, I like the look of matte polish. I am not planning to invest a bunch of money in matte polishes, I will simply use the topcoat when I want that look. This seems to be pretty good matte topcoat and I am definitely going to obtain a backup bottle when I next find myself in Hell Mart.

Okay, that is enough yakkity-yak. How'z about a picture?

Yep, that is thin spots at the tips of a couple of my nails. Enhanced nicely by my matte top coat. :P

One thing about going matte, be sure that you have enough colour coats to fill in your ridges. Mine are showing a bit, with the matte topcoat.

Okay, so there you have it. A polish I don't like and a topcoat I do. If you are on the hunt for matte topcoat hit WalMart and check out the Hard Candy display. And don't forget to reach way back to the back, so you get a fresh, unopened, unswatched bottle. What is with people, anyway? Do they have to open polish and try it on themselves, the displays, the shelves? Really? Who the hell does that? Blech!

I am just full of random nattering, today aren't I? lol Have a lovely evening. Thanks you so much for popping in and may your polish never bubble.

 Update!  So, I have washed my hands several times and applied lotion once and, my nails are still mattifique. After application of lotion, I just buffed my nails with a Kleenex to bring them right back. Now that I know that my matte will stay that way, I like it even better. :D 


Picture taken after dark under a low wattage incandescent light.


  1. Very cool. That color seems to be very close to the Sally Hansen Commander in Chic I'm wearing now.

    I'm not sure yet how I feel about the Matte finishes.

  2. Totally close the the MAC Earthly Harmony I'm wearing too...the brown-ish grey-ish color.

  3. Jen, I was wondering what taupe you were sporting in your vlog, this morning. :D I was a little hesitant about going matte, too. But I find that I do like it. I won't be wearing everything mattified but it will be fun, now and again.

    Draz, this polish shows a little more brown, with the matte top coat, fo shiz. I think I know which polish you are talking about, I saw it when I was surfing the Nordie's website, one day.

  4. I saw that topcoat and wondered if it worked well. I bought Essie Matte About You online. I live in a small town as well and have yet to see the New Sally Hansen Salons and still haven't come across the Revlon glitters either.

  5. Serena, the Hard Candy matte topcoat works well. Day two and it is still looking pretty danged nice. I am pleased. :)

    I hate living in a small town. It is so frustrating. I want to move to Phoenix. :D


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