Manicure of the Moment: Plus Update at the End of This Post :D

Hello gentle readers. And just a caution; this post is a tad long winded. ;)

How are you doing, today? Well, I hope. :) It is sunny here, today but the temps are dropping and the wind has kicked up, making it a little chilly, around here. It is finally starting to feel like November. :D

Today I have a review of Confetti Moonstruck. I was under the impression that this brand had been pulled from the shelves due to a conflict of interest issue with another company. I bought this at my local CVS last week and I was surprised to see it. Perhaps they have solved their issues? To be perfectly honest, I am not terribly impressed with this polish. The colour is pretty but the formula is inconsistent, the coverage patchy and the finish just so-so. I applied two coats and got opaque coverage but some thin spots at some of my tips.

I wasn't mad about the brush, either. It is a not so great version of a classic round brush. Using it wasn't a terribly happy experience. I own another taupe polish, Rimmel Lasting finish Pro in Steel Grey and I think that Rimmel did it better. The colour, the formula, the brush are all superior to Confetti. I seriously doubt that I will use this polish, again. I may just return it. CVS takes returns on makeup and polish, so why keep a bottle I dislike so much when I can get my money back. Even if it is just a couple of bucks.

Here is Confetti Moonstruck in sun. No topcoat. I'll 'splain about that in a moment.

Part two of this post has to do with a matte topcoat. I have been looking for one in my Podunk, piece of crap, Bum Fuck Egypt town for quite a long while. Prescott, Arizona sucks in more way than the many that it seriously does. I can't find anything I want, here! For anything I see and want to get I have to either order it or get it in the Valley. Gah! I can't even find Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac and Concrete. Two lemmings of mine. I also can't find the new Sally Hansen Complete Manicure colours and we just got the new Revlon glitters. (I snagged Galaxy. I'll review it at a later date.) And my local Sally's? Pffft! It is a miracle when I get something new and desired there. :P

Okay, 'nuff bitching. lol When I was in Hell Mart last week, I was sifting through the Hard Candy display when I spotted it. Oh. My. Gosh! Right in the middle of the nail polish was... Matte top coat. With a little squeal of delight, I reached in, waaaay to the back of the display (the only way to ensure getting a bottle that hasn't been swatched by some rude idiot) and plucked one from it's little shelf and added it to my haul. It was five dollars. Not too bad, really. I have seen lower prices online, but after I pay shipping... Six one, half a dozen the other.

I gave Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love a test drive today over my Confetti Moonstruck. It certainly made my polish matte. How well it will hold up, if it gets shiny after I wash my hands or put on lotion is yet to be determined. I will say, I like the look of matte polish. I am not planning to invest a bunch of money in matte polishes, I will simply use the topcoat when I want that look. This seems to be pretty good matte topcoat and I am definitely going to obtain a backup bottle when I next find myself in Hell Mart.

Okay, that is enough yakkity-yak. How'z about a picture?

Yep, that is thin spots at the tips of a couple of my nails. Enhanced nicely by my matte top coat. :P

One thing about going matte, be sure that you have enough colour coats to fill in your ridges. Mine are showing a bit, with the matte topcoat.

Okay, so there you have it. A polish I don't like and a topcoat I do. If you are on the hunt for matte topcoat hit WalMart and check out the Hard Candy display. And don't forget to reach way back to the back, so you get a fresh, unopened, unswatched bottle. What is with people, anyway? Do they have to open polish and try it on themselves, the displays, the shelves? Really? Who the hell does that? Blech!

I am just full of random nattering, today aren't I? lol Have a lovely evening. Thanks you so much for popping in and may your polish never bubble.

 Update!  So, I have washed my hands several times and applied lotion once and, my nails are still mattifique. After application of lotion, I just buffed my nails with a Kleenex to bring them right back. Now that I know that my matte will stay that way, I like it even better. :D 


Picture taken after dark under a low wattage incandescent light.