Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. :)

Today I have a red to show you. Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Stiletto Red. A clear, true red creme that applied easily and was opaque (mostly) in two coats. I am now seeing some VNL in some light. Probably should have applied a third coat but it was okay at the time. I topped this with China Glaze Fast Forward.

The formula is okay on this polish. I love the brush. This polish dries not terribly shiny, topcoat is needed to have shiny. There are better reds out there and I think I am going to try other than drugstore polishes for them. I should have bought that China Glaze Ruby Deer when I was in Sally's, yesterday. *sigh* I have a feeling that I would have liked it better than this stuff. Maybe I'll franken this or dump it and wash the bottle with acetone. I do love the brush, after all.

Oh! Speaking of frankens... I have three new ones that I made, earlier. They are settling and I will be swatching them, soon. I hope that they turn out to be what I think they are. :D

Okay, pics of my so-so red-icure.

 In shade. 

In sun.

This polish photographs warmer and almost a coral but it is a clear, true red-red. I don't know if it is my camera, my photographic "skillz" or the lighting. 

So, there you have it. My not-so-fab red. Thank you for popping in, have a great evening and may your polish never bubble.