Freecycle Haul

Hello kittens. How are you, this fine Caturday? I am well. It is dark, cloudy, cold and rainy, today. I love it. :D

Today I have pics of my latest Freecycle haul to share. I received a small bag of polishes from a lovely, generous lady who was happy to give me her unloved polishes. When I opened the bag, I almost squealed with delight. Contained within was four black label OPI polishes, an older Finger Paints, a Nicole and a Victoria's Secret polish.

Some of them were in need of a little TLC, a little thinner and some extra ballz and a good shake-fest returned them to their former glory. One, What's Dune, was just a clot of goop in the bottom of the bottle. I thought that one was a lost cause, but I decided to see what I could do with it. I added a bunch of ballz and a boatload of thinner, shook it like my mama taught me, added more thinner, shook again and ended up with something I think is very special. I can't be certain because there is no sun here, today but I think there is some holo, some opalescence and pearl. I will swatch it when the sun is out, again.

 With flash.
Natural light. 

From the left: OPI What's Dune?, OPI Affair in Times Square, OPI Buffalo Billings Berry, OPI no label, (but it has the old round brush, anybody recognize it?) Finger Paints Palette of Platinum, Nicole No Limits and Victoria's Secret brand Very Sexy polish in Vexed. Pics are clickable to enlarge and again, if you like.

I'll have to try these to see whether I like them or not. They all look wearable or as if they would make lovely frankens. All in all, a very nice group of fingertip pretties. 

Okay, so that is it, for now. I think I am going to changing my polish in a bit. My French is already beginning to chip a little. Already. *sigh*

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.