Manicure of the Moment: Happy New Year's Eve!

Have a swing from the chandelier good time, this New Year's Eve. Just remember to call a cab or have a designated driver, mmmmkay? Let's have a party-rific time, and get home safe and sound.

This wild party animal will be sitting home, watching TV and probably be snoring by eleven. Good times. lol

My New Year's Eve mani isn't exactly what I had in mind... I have a feeling that it might never be... lol Oh well. It is fun. And that is what really counts, methinks.

Or, maybe not. :P

I did this mani with two coats of Sinful Colors Secret Admirer and a quick coat of Seche. Then I stamped them with Fauxnad plates BM09 and BM08 with China Glaze Millennium. I added silver glitter at my tips with a striper and black "diamonds" set in silver glitter. Then I did a second coat of Seche to seal everything up.

Pic is clickable. I don't advise it... lol
It is a bright, sunny, colder than a witch's lunchbucket New Year's Eve day. Nineteen degrees with a windchill of 8. Frakking brrrr! I really need it to warm up. A lot. And melt this damned snow. Being trapped on this hillside unable to get out isn't making me happy. 

Bonus pic: My doggie in the snow. :D

Snow. Sucks. Do not want. 
Okay, so thank you for popping in. Have a great New Year and may your polish never bubble.

Some of the products used in this post were provided to me by the company for a fair and honest review.