Manicure of the Moment

I'm back. Second post today. That doesn't happen often. :D

I decided to change my manicure, since my French was rapidly deteriorating and I need nice nails for going shopping, tomorrow.

I did a base of China Glaze Ruby Deer, two coats then a coat of CG Fast Forward to set it. I know that you have seen many swatches and descriptions of this polish. Just let me add my voice to those who raved. Ruby Deer is a simply stunning red creme that wants to be a jelly when it grows up. It is almost squishy. It was near perfect in two coats. Another polish I am but crazy in love with. I am going to wear this polish a lot. Not just for the Christmas season.

After I let my polish set a bit, I applied some water decals sent to me by Born Pretty Store on my ring finger and thumb nails. Did I ever do a proper review of these decals? I don't believe I did. Well, simply put, I like them. A lot. There are lots of cute designs in bright, saturated colours. The details are sharp and clear. The decals are easy to use, last as long as your manicure does then whisk away with a touch of remover on a cotton round, when you are ready to kiss them goodbye. Good stuff.

I added some clear rhinestones I bought at, I think... CVS? Walgreen's? to my accent nails then I applied smaller stones on the corner of my other nails. Everything was topped with a nice coat of Seche.

Oh! Guess what? My Seche was getting a little thick. Kinda gloopy. I had already thinned it once. I picked up a new bottle yesterday and I just dumped some of my new in with my old and suddenly, all of the Seche in the bottle was just perfect. Weird, huh? You all probably already knew abut that, didn't you? lol

Anyhoozle, on to the photos.

Top two without flash, bottom two with flash. There was no sun, so I took them by my Christmas tree, again. 
Golly I like this polish. Even my husband, who doesn't notice anything liked it. 

Okay, dinner is almost ready. I need to go steam my fresh green beans. Thank you so much for popping in (again!), have a great night and may your polish never bubble. 

Some of the products used in this post were sent to me by the company for a fair and honest review.