Manicure of the Moment and Some Polish Bargain News

Hello kittens.

It is a busy day around here, today. I spent a little time earlier out with my hubby running around, trying, in vain to find Revlon Perplex. None of the stores I normally haunt have received it, yet. *sigh* Living in Small Town USA sucks big green ones. On a stick.

But... I did get some good deals.

More about that, a little later, tho.

First order of business, my Manicure of the Moment. China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Like Cher, Ruby Pumps is The Fabulous and needs no description or introduction. We all know her and love her. :D This is two coats topped by Seche Vite. Sadly, it is cloudy and Ruby Pumps didn't get to show her true self. But, even for a grey, dull day, I think she did a fair job.

 Outdoors in (what is passing for) sun. I love clouds, but they don't love me. When I want a grey, cloudy day, it is bright and shiny. When I need sun for showing off gorgeous glitter, we are socked in. :P

In "shade"

Okay, I did a little shopping, got a few polishes, today. And got some deals and some great future deals. 

At Sally Beauty, All China Glaze is Buy 2 get 1 free. Plus I grabbed the China Glaze Rejoice Holiday two pack Mrs. Claus and Mistletoe Kisses). Regularly $9.99, I got it for $8.49 with my Sally card. While at Sally, I found Dorothy Who?! I was so excited I almost peed my drawers. There was only one left in the display, but they had it in the core rack, so hopefully they will get more in. If you are craving Dorothy Who? check your local Sally Beauty, they might have it. I also bought Little Drummer Boy and a new bottle of Fairy Dust to replace the one I frankened away. With my Sally card and my 20% off coupon I got in  the mail the other day, I saved a bundle.

When I paid for my purchases at Sally, I received a coupon for $5.00 off  my next $25.00 purchase total good through the 24th of this month. After I got my receipt, I decided on impulse to buy a tube of yummy smelling hand lotion. It was a buck. And smells so good I could eat it! (I'll do a review after I get a chance to test drive it.) When I paid for the lotion, I received another $5.00 coupon. And, good news! They can be stacked, as long as you meet the purchase requirement. So, I can go in, rack up $50.00 and save ten. Woo-hoo! I can blow fifty bucks in Sally's without even breathing hard. :D

I went in CVS  looking for Purplex (none, yet!) and found out that all Milani polishes are BOGO1/2 off. Even the new glitters and Jewel FX. So, I grabbed a couple of One Coat Glitters.

At Walgreen's, still no Purplex, but I did score three Wet-n-Wild holiday mini two packs (I finally got Prancer! :D) for ninety-nine cents each. They were almost all gone, so I was glad to finally find and get mine. Sadly, all the makeup palettes were gone. Wet-n-Wild in the rectangular bottles were half price and I grabbed one. And the Wet-n-Wild Crave colours were half off, too.

I checked Target for Purplex. None. But I did get a three pack of E.L.F. polishes for three clams. Reviews of this brand have been back and forth, but I thought for three dollars, it was worth trying them for myself. 

I was putting my polishes away and my husband remarked that soon I would have ever colour of polish. I just stared at him and laughed like a hyena. Poor, deluded soul. He has no clue. lol I had to stack my new polishes in on top of the ones already there. Time to go up to the next larger hatbox. :D ^^

Okay, I need to run. I have Christmas decorating to do. And I think I need a cup of tea. :) Thank you so much for popping in. Have a lovely evening and may your polish never bubble. 

Tee hee. My cat just found a little ball of yarn in my basket and is going to town with it. Sooo cute. :D


  1. I got the $5 coupon earlier this week too! I'm going back for more stuff probably tomorrow - since I'm now doing my nails regulary thanks to your inspiration! BTW - I had OPI gels done - and they peeled off in two days. So I did my own manicure on Monday night and finally today it's chipping. No more gels - just manicures. :)

  2. Phx, weird that the gels peeled so fast. Must be something about your chemistry. Different products work different ways for different people.

    Aw, I Am glad that I inspired you. :) I know that I get inspired all the time, reading and learning from others. :D

  3. Ooooo, did you get the Gingersnap lotion? It smells so good that I could have eaten it! (Unfortunately, at one point I ate not long after putting it on, and it does not, in fact, taste as delicious as it smells.)

    And men dealing with nail polish are quite adorable. Once while my guy was over, I picked up a plastic shoe box full of polish and set it in front of me so I could pick what color I wanted to wear. "You have so many!" he commented. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I not only had three other shoe boxes filled to the brim, but I also had two huge reuseable shopping totes filled to overflowing, too. Hahahaha!!!

  4. I think your pisc look really pretty! I loveee Ruby Pumps so much its so sexy and appropriate for the Christams season :)

    Good luck finding Perplex; worst comes to worst you can always try swaping :)


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