Product Review: Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

Greetings, gentle readers. Today I have a non nail/polish post to share. I hope that you don't mind. Believe it or not, I do use products other than polish and nail art supplies. ;)

Like moisturiser. Lots and lots of moisturiser. As a woman of *cough* a certain age *cough* I am in need of all the moisture I can feed into my skin. And I do just fine with creams and lotions and even jojoba oil. But, and that is a bug but; when it comes to day moisturiser with sun protection, I was pretty much shut out. You see, I am allergic to all chemical sunscreens. I have tried all of them and the result is the same, red, swollen, itching, burning skin. Me, clawing at my face, crying and running for the nearest sink to wash off the offending substance. Not exactly a pretty look.

Until now. Now I use Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30. As a long time user and lover of Neutrogena skin care, I was excited to try this day lotion. It contains naturally sourced sunblocks in the form of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Mineral sunblock puts a physical barrier between you and the sun, provides broad spectrum protection by blocking the UVA and UVB  rays from penetrating your skin. I know that these substances work as I have worn mineral foundation for many years, relying on it to protect my fair skin from the harsh, unrelenting Arizona sun. But there are times when I need to be in the sun and can't be wearing makeup. Like when I am out walking. I don't like to exercise with makeup on my face. I was taught it was bad for my skin and have stuck to that all of my life.

Now on to the product, it's self. It is a lightweight lotion, white in colour. When I first squeezed a little out onto my fingers, I gave it a good sniff to see if I could detect any hint of the telltale scent of chemical sunblock. None. The scent of this lotion is light, slightly... Medicinal. But the scent doesn't linger long. It applies nicely, sinks in quickly and leaves my face feeling soft and slightly velvety. Not at all greasy or slick. There is a slight whitish cast that disappears as the lotion sinks in. Since I am quite fair, I am not sure how much it would show on darker skintones.

After application, I carefully watched my face for signs of an adverse reaction. And got none. No itching, no burning, no redness. Ahhh... I wore it all night, to see just how moisturising it really is. It is pretty nice. For younger, oilier skins, this lotion, alone should be plenty for all day moisture and protection. I find that I need a little of my usual day cream, first, let it sink in then apply the Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer on top. That just works better for my skin.

I like this moisturiser and am looking forward to going out in the sun to walk, face free of makeup without having to wear a big old hat to shade my face. And, if I decide to use a non mineral foundation, I will need the protection that this lotion can give me.

If you are looking for a lovely. lightweight, easy to use moisturiser that gives broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays and is affordable, about $15.00 for a 1.7 ounce tube and easy to find, I buy mine at my local CVS (it can also be found at Walgreen's and other drugstores), this might be just the ticket for you, too.

Okay, time to run along. Thank you for popping in. And please, don't forget to enter my CSN Stores $60.00 gift certificate giveaway. You could win a nice little post holidays treat. :D

Have a fabulous evening and may your polish never bubble.