Secret Codes Rule! 30% Discount at OC Nail Art

Hello gentle readers.

I can't believe I forgot to share this. Most of you probably already know that OC Nail Art is offering a 30% discount with a secret discount code through the 31st of this month. All you need to do is send an e-mail to and ask for the code. The blog posting in which I read this information said to send it to Dave. I don't know why, since it is Kathleen and Daniel... If I remember correctly. But whatever. I did what I read to do and received the code by e-mail.:D

I ordered ten plates and saved twenty dollars and change. It was like getting three and a half free plates! Not too shabby, at all. So, if you have been eyeing some new plates or other Konad goodies, now is the time to get your code and get them. :D

Okay, must run along. I have to get another cup of coffee. I will have a manicure posting, later. My current mani is chipping. Bad. Revlon Suede polishes. Pretty, but fairly short-lived. I had a feeling that they might be. No biggie, since I like to change my polish frequently.

Okay, later, gators.