Stash :D

Hello kittens. :)

Today was a big day in the life of my little polish family. I had to move everyone to my largest size hatbox. I think that the last time I posted a stash pic, all of my full sized bottles were in my smallest hatbox with a lot of room to spare, with my minis on my polish carousel. So, my little, slowly growing polish family is happily housed in larger quarters and has a little room for additions to the family. But soon... I will have to go shopping for alternate forms of storage.

I have my eyes on a couple of possibilities. Helmers, for my polish and makeup. Or plastic storage units with drawers I have been seeing in big box stores. We'll see what shakes out, as time goes by. I have time to look, decide and budget.

Okay, so to the important stuff... Pictures. :D

So, there it is. My little stash. It is growing slowly, but steadily. I am such a proud mama. :D
Okay, that is all I have, today. My manicure from yesterday is holding up pretty nicely. I have some tip wear on my thumbnail, for some strange reason... *shaking head*

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a fabulous evening and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I really love your polish carousel. It's very cute and a great way to show off your polish! =)

  2. Yay! Thanks for posting this .... I got ALL SORTS of excited when I saw the pic of your stash! LOVE it.
    And now I love HELMERS! Holy Crap..I need to stay off line. I find too much on here that I need to have.

  3. Thanks, Katie. :D

    Hehehe! I do believe I am now an evil enabler, Jen. ^^ I waaant Helmers... Not just for my polish, but for my makeup, too. (I like to buy makeup, as well. *sigh*) Maybe I can someday. lol

  4. lovely storage! thanks for sharing. :O)

  5. Haha nice stash! I'm loving the storage tips!


  6. You have the most adorable nail polish storage ever. :)

  7. I used to want a helmers and now I've found that I prefer my alternative methods of keeping my stash. I love the idea of a hat box and the carousel would be a great way to keep the most current lacquers "turning" in my mind.


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