An Award!

The lovely Chris at Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes bestowed on me this award. Thank you so much, Chris. It is really sweet of you.

I'm stylish. :D

I need to share seven random things about myself. I have to think? But... But... I have the 'flu! I am all ill and whiny and my brain hurts. lol

1. I love the ocean. When I was a teenager, we went on a family road trip and stopped on Cape Mendocino for a while. It was so beautiful. Wild, raw, cold, a slashing wind coming in off the water. I could feel and taste the salt spray, the sound of the crashing waves on rocks was like music. I could smell that incredible smell that is only in the ocean and I breathed it in as if I had never drawn breath, before. I sat down on that small strip of beach and literally did not want to ever leave that spot. 

2. I like to iron. Sick, I know...

3. I am deathly afraid of heights. Rooftops? Forget it. If I am in a tall building, I can't go near any windows. Standing at the top of a flight of stairs can panic me, sometimes. High places on TV and in movies make me all... Gah!

4. I can't sleep with my closet door open. I don't know why. It just creeps me out.

5. Rude behaviour is my biggest pet peeve. When did it become so fashionable for people to lack basic, common courtesy, respect and civility?

6. I am a died in the wool coffee addict.

7. I have always harbored a secret wish to be a fighter pilot. Not so that I could shoot down other planes, but so that I could learn to fly one of those magnificent machines.

I am supposed to share this with fifteen others. But, remember, I am ill and whiny and so I am going to defy this rule. If you read this and you haven't received a direct tag for this award, consider yourself tagged. Snag the image, share seven things about yourself and pass it on. I think that you are all fabulous and stylish and I enjoy this blog community, reading your blogs and getting to know you a little. :D

Today is the last day to get in on my giveaway drawing for a $60.00 gift certificate to any of over 200 CSN Stores sites. You can enter by clicking the CSN Stores logo at the top of my right hand column.

Okay, I have done enough, for right now. I am about to conk out, this 'flu is kicking my ass.Have a good evening and stay healthy!


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