Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. Just a quickie, today. I am busy, but I wanted to pop in and show you Revlon Top Speed Stormy. A silky grey creme that applied like buttah. Two coats gave me a lovely, smooth, opaque finish. I think, if you are good at applying precise, thick coats, you could get away with one. I topped this with Seche.

 In direct sun. 

 A sunshine and shade comparison in one photo. (As if I planned it that way... :P)

 I like this colour. I am becoming really fond of taupes and greys. Colours I never thought I would like.

Okay, I am going to take a little time and see what you are up to here in Polish Addict Land.

Thank you for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. oooo...Very nice. How does that compare to OPI You Don't Know Jacques?
    Glad you are baaaack, I missed your posts.
    Oh, and I'll have ya know, I'm TOTALLY ADDICTED to nail polish now. Thanks to you.
    All your fault. (That's what I tell my DH anyways!)
    Now I'm stalking salon clearance baskets. I found two older (dusty & only 4 bucks!) OPI's on my lunch break. One doesn't have a label and it's KILLING me not knowing what it's called.

  2. I don't have OPI You Don't Know Jacques. But I have my eyes on it. If I had it I would do a comparison.

    Hehehe. Happy to be an enabler. ^^

    Oooo! Salons... I need to hit salons for dusties.

  3. Haha, I never knew there was such a thing as a nail blog. Gorgeous manicure, btw.

    I, too, am a big fan of the salon clearance baskets. I expanded my palette so much that way.

    I have OPI You Don't know Jacques (strangely enough my husband picked it up for me in a weird emergency) and it is wonderful. It could just be the way the colors appear on my screen, but I'd say it's darker and slightly more dusky than what you're wearing above - as if it were just thinking about the color purple.


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