Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. How was your weekend? Mine wasn't too great. But I am finally beginning to feel a little better. The 'flu sucks, let me tell you. Bleargh!

After wearing my last manicure for a week, I finally felt up to changing my polish. I will say, that for a week old manicure, Revlon Stormy held up quite beautifully. It was still in nice condition when I cleaned it off my nails, today.

I have Hard Candy Sky for you, today. A soft pastel blue creme with a hidden shimmer and, when in direct sun a surprising and beautiful sapphire blue flash. I tried and tried to capture the flash with my camera but it couldn't catch it. Sad, because it is special and I really wanted to show it.

This polish's formula is like a lot of pastel cremes. Somewhat streaky, but not too bad. I applied two coats and it is pretty opaque. I considered a third coat, but I was getting tired and starting to cough, again so I decided to wrap it up. I topped it with Seche. Topcoat finished it off and smoothed it very nicely.

I like this polish just fine and I will definitely wear it, again. Next time, I'll try three coats. :)

 All photos were taken in direct sun and are clickable, if you so desire.

Okay, I need to take off. I have some things to do and I am wanting my lunch. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great afternoon and may your polish never bubble.