Nail Mail!

Hello gentle readers. How's life treating all of you?

Today I received two packages of polish. A big one and a little one.

My big one? The polishes I won in Nailstah's recent giveaway! If you haven't read her blog, click on her name and check out her blog. She does great reviews of a wide variety of polishes and has really pretty nails.  :D

 Freshly opened box. 

 She included a note all folded up and coloured to look like a strawberry. How adorable was that? I hated to unfold it. 

 Everything all neatly, snugly packed.

 First glimpse of the loot within! :D

 An embarrassment of riches! Colour Club, OPI, China Glaze, Nubar (my first, ever) Sally Hansen, Maybelline, Dare to Wear (with holo!) Essie, a HIP shadow and a minty fresh lip balm and more. I am going to have so much fun with all of these polishes. :D
 All grouped together. 

And, in a smaller bubble mailer, the China Glaze polishes I ordered for stamping polishes. China Glaze 2030 and Hi-Tech. I hope that they stamp as nicely as Millennium does. 

I don't often photograph my little hauls or polishes I order. Should I do that, or is it too, "Lookie what I got!" As if I am bragging or being vain?

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great night, stay warm out there, you in cold country and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I'm so jealous you won Nailstah's giveaway! As soon as I saw her little strawberry note, I knew it was from her. I like seeing haul-type pics. I guess I'm kinda nosy that way.

  2. I like the idea of posting what you got because you're happy about it and you want to show people but not meaning to brag obsessively about it. Also, it lets people get an idea of what looks nice from the bottle. Like Megan said, I'm nosy when it comes to what nail polish people get haha. :P Awesome package from Nailstah! :)

  3. <3333 ENJOY!!!!! =DDDD SO glad they got to you safely!!!

  4. Whoaaaaa, so awesome!!! :D Congrats!

    I love seeing hauls, even little ones, I just like sharing the excitement of "new stuff" :)

  5. Its ok to post it :) Its like sharing emotions hehe

  6. WOW!!! Look at all them pretties :) I'm sure your going to have fun. I like seeing haul pic's thats how alot of lemmings is born :D

  7. Congratulations on winning that SWEET loot!
    I vote for you to post haul pictures. I'm a picture whore. I can never get enough.

  8. Great haul. I like posting haul pics, I post my hauls on my blog, and tell a little about each one.

  9. Super jealous!! Good for you. I just got a coupon for ULTA (the salon/beauty supply place in ct) and I am going to go and get some of that Katy Perry crackle polish to try out. I love a new nail polish. Please always post your loot, it inspires me to go out and get me some of my own!

  10. Wow, what a great prize; congratulations! I love haul/swap/prize posts--always fun to see what other people are picking up.

  11. I don't mind reading haul posts at all! Great post!

  12. Hi!! :D
    I like seeing hauls, but I don't like it when people post pictures of the polishes they got but never end up showing them on their nails. This is why I try to do a series of posts showing the polishes when I post pics of a haul. But my hauls are always limited to 3-4 polishes, so your mileage may vary. I always love your pictures, though :)


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