So Worth the Wait!

Hello gentle readers. How is everything? All is well, here. I am finally well on the mend from that frakking 'flu and feeling a lot better. I hope to be back to 100% shortly. :D

It is a beautiful, sunny day. 61 degrees. Perfect for polishing. Luckily I received a little packet from Zoya, today. Two of my three free polishes from their Facebook Like promotion. I chose Erika, Crystal and Kelly. Kelly is on backorder and I will receive it when it is available. Which is fine.

I always wondered what all the hype about Zoya polish was all about. I mean... Polish is polish. There is nice polish and there is crap. Zoya is gorgeous polish. Now I get the hype. I get the raves and I want more of this brand.

Today I decided to apply and show you Zoya Erika. I originally chose this polish because it is my namesake. (Yes, even the spelling is the same. :D) On the website, it looked like a nice, simple pink with a little goldie shimmer. In person, this is a beautiful rich, girlie pink packed with dancing, complex gold shimmer. It is so very pretty.

The formula is flawless. Smooth, silky and the perfect viscosity. It flows off the brush onto the nail so easily, it practically applies it's self. I had so little cleanup I was stunned. lol Fast drying, I didn't have to sit and wait and wait for it to dry enough for me to take pictures. I topped this with Seche. I have read that some gals had trouble with Zoya and Seche not playing well together. I didn't have any trouble, at all. Same with my basecoat. I use China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat and it works just fine with Zoya.

This colour is a little on the sheer side. I applied two coats. I probably should have done a third to get it perfectly opaque, especially with my nasty ridges. But I really wanted to see how it looked and lasts with two. Next time I wear it, I will definitely do three. But I am pretty happy with the finish with two, as well.

Wold you like to see pictures? I have lots. :D

 These are all clickable, if you want to check out the shimmery fun this polish offers. I'm sorry that they all came out at an angle. I normally get some straight on, but I blew it, today. :P

I am so impressed with Zoya and I won't hesitate to buy more in the future. It was great of Zoya to do this promo, it got a lot of us who were on the fence to try them and I am sure that many first timers, like myself will go back for more.

So, have you received your Free Three? Are you a first timer who is now as thrilled with this brand as I am?

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a lovely evening and may your polish never bubble.


  1. oo i love that shimmer! very delicate and pretty

  2. This is a lovely color! My came in today, I have it posted check it out if you like.

  3. Gorgeous! I love love love Zoya :)

  4. I love Zoya and boast over 30 lacquers by them. Including my namesake which is nothing I would really normally purchase, but it looks gorgeous now that I have it. Excellent selection and if the color describes anything like you....what a match! :)

  5. So pretty! Glad you're feeling better. I was hoping you'd do a Zoya post soon. I took advantage of the three free and bought three more and a mini-color lock system. My sis-in-law also donated 8 Zoyas to my collection so I'm in Zoya heaven right now.
    Problem is: it won't dry! Even using the color lock system. Maybe it's my chemistry or maybe user error. I've done two manicures and each of them were still dentable up to 8 hours after I painted them. As I type this, 24 hours after application (with color lock system and 3 thin coats) I can still create a nail mark if I press gently onto the polish. I'm going to try the SA base coat and the Seche next time to see if that works better. I will say though - the colors are BEAUTIFUL and I want to LOVE this brand. Their customer service is fantabulous. I called today and talked to a rep about my issue. She was very helpful.
    Oh, and since I've made this a book...might as well add the colors I chose, Avril, Barbie, Joy, Pasha, Yasmeen and Carmen.
    SIL donated Mimi, Lola, America, Dita, Renee, Paz, Ali and Pippa. I love them all!

  6. This shade is really pretty, so soft and calm but jet so elegant =).
    I'm not from the states so I couldn't join the big 3 promotion, but if I could I really would. So far my only Zoya is Savita, the reason why I have only 1 is that they are really expensive here. They cost about 19$.

  7. You know, almost any color is made *that* much better by gold shimmer! This is no exception. Another win for Zoya!! I got 2 of my bottles last week - the third (Edyta) is on back order.

  8. I've never seen swatches of this one before and it's so lovely! It looks like the pale pink version of my favorite polish, Zoya Gaia, which is a soft white with the same gold micro shimmer.

  9. Really??
    That's also my mom's name (spelling, too!)
    I was going to grab this in the 3Free haul (oh, haha! "3 Free" I get it now!) but I wasn't sure if she'd like it. I got a spoon of it though. And yes, it's quite pretty. I'm kinda wishing that I'd bit it and bought it instead of Jane. Oh well! ^_^

  10. I received my 3-free on 1/11 and I got Dea, Pinta and Trixie! Please Google is divine.

  11. Soo pretty, I did receive my three and they are awesome. Glad your namesake is so gorgeous! Mine is no fun =( and it's spelled wrong~


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