Back to Shortie Town *sigh*

 Hello gentle readers. How has your week been? Mine has somewhat sucked. But I think it is getting better. Taking some extra time to pamper myself today has helped my attitude and outlook on life.

I locked myself in my little suite downstairs and gave myself a really nice pedicure, complete with cuticle remover around my toenails (wow! what an improvement! lol) removed a little dry skin I had, shaped and buffed my toenails. Then I painted them with three coats of Essie Adore-a-Ball, a milky whisper soft pink jelly that needed all three coats! It went on a little streaky and left some bald patches on the first two. I topped it all with Seche, let it dry a minute then added pretty delicate pink sticker decals I received from Born Pretty Store to my big toe nails, then another coat of Seche. I am pretty happy with how it looks. It feels nice to have soft, nice looking feet and pretty toenails. Don't worry, no pictures. lol I now that feet make some readers uncomfortable, so I won't do that to you, right now.

After my pedicure was done, my nails were looking a little beat up so while I was waiting for my toe polish to dry, I decided to soak off my glitter, really quick and slap on a fast coat of base coat before I jumped in the shower. Well... That didn't exactly work out a I expected. Soaking off my glitter also soaked off my patches. All of them. And, much to my dismay I discovered that where those patches used to live were tips that were in terrible shape. I considered doing all those patches, again but my poor nails looked beat to shit. There were glued cracks stained with old polish and... I could have nursed them along for a while longer with more patches but I knew what I needed to do. I grabbed my grinder and got to it. I refined the shape and smoothed them with my crystal file and buffer and they look so much better. I only have one patch, now. I have a nasty tear where my free edge meets my cuticle on my right ring finger nail. I didn't want to take them all down to nothing, so I had to patch that one.

I polished my new shorties with Zoya Kelly. Golly, this polish is gorgeous. Grey creme. Insanely shiny even without top coat. But, I was raised right and I don't go out without it. :D Two coats to opaque perfection. I imagine that a championship polisher could get the job done in one... I can't. lol This polish surprised me with how bratty it is. It doesn't like to be overworked or fussed with. It wants to go on fast, smooth, in as few strokes and as thick as possible. Until I learned how to handle it, this polish streaked, dragged and bubbled. The second coat made things much better and Seche finished it all off perfectly. I like this polish, pain in the keester that it was and I think it looks smashing on my new shorties.

 Taken in setting sun.

In shade. Look how shiny and glossy :D
So, what do you think about Zoya Kelly? Do you own it? Love it? Is it as bratty to you as it is to me? Maybe I should have given it a time out. But then, I may not have finished painting my nails before the sun went down. 

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Thank you so much for popping in. If you read all of this gobbldy-gook, I salute you! lol Have a terrific evening and may your polish never bubble.


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