Manicure of the Moment With a Video

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a sparkly bunch of purple fun in the form of Milani One Coat Glitter in Purple Gleam. This is a black base packed to the rafters with purple glitter that is supposed to cover completely in one coat. Uh... Thanks to my slightly inconsistent application technique, that wasn't entirely true. If you can apply one coat like a champ, this is a one coater. I probably could have just touched up a few spots, applied top coat and called it good. But I believe in overkill. So I applied a second full coat.

This stuff goes on thick, is gritty and dries matte. It needs top coat to smooth it and bring on the shine. I applied one coat of Seche, I could have used two, it is still a touch grainy. But it is nice and shiny and sparkly. I applied sticker decals; I gouged my polish on my right ring finger nail so I pushed it all back together, smoothed it and covered the mar with a decal sticker I received from Born Pretty Store. Then I added a matching decal to my left ring finger nail to make the whole thing look deliberate. These decal stickers are really pretty and easy to apply. We'll see how well they wear. :)

This polish applied easily. It is very controllable and I needed minimal cleanup in just a couple of spots. (That must be a record for me! lol) Dry time is good. This shade seems to work nicely with my skin tone. I think I have a winner, here. I purchased this polish at my local CVS around the Holidays. It was part of a glitter collection, most of which I snapped up like a greedy child grabbing and pocketing cookies. They don't seem to be available in drugstores, any longer (tho you might get lucky, in your area) but they can be found at Cherry Culture.

Would you like to see pictures and a sparkly little movie? All shots were taken in direct sun.

When removal time comes I have a feeling I am going to be wearing acetone, cotton pads and foil for a week. lol

Do you own this polish? Love it? If you don't, have you been suitably enabled to buy it?

Oh! Say, don't forget to enter my little Revlon Purplex giveaway. Two winners will each receive a bottle of that pretty and now kind of hard to find polish. There are just a few days left to enter.

Time for me to run along. Thank you so very much for popping in. It means so much to me that people actually like to come by and read this blog. I appreciate each and every one of you for that. Have a terrific evening, stay warm and may your polish never bubble.

Decals used in this post were sent to me by the company for consideration and a fair and honest review.