Some Recent Hauls

Hello gentle readers. It has been a little while. I have been busy than a one armed paper hanger. But I did find time to photograph my recent hauls. I have been a little busy buying. Some local and some from Amazon. My untried box is almost as big as my tried. Never thought that would happen! lol

 The three OPI Summer Flutter polishes I was lusting after. Wing it, Catch Me in Your Net, Flower to Flower.

 My first Essies. Lapis of Luxury. Mint Candy Apple, Demure Vixen and Lilacism.

 China Glaze Dorothy Who? and Grape Juice. 

 Orly Luxe and Royal Navy.

 Revlon Lilac and Grape.

OPI Simmer and Shimmer, Sparklelicious and Yogata Get This Blue.

It is way too easy to order polishes from Amazon. And so far, the vendors I have ordered from have been really super, shipping fast and polishes arriving in perfect condition. It is nice to have a reliable source for polish I want and can't find locally.

I really, really want the new China Glaze Spring collection and I may just go ahead and order it from Trans Design or VNS. I have never bought an entire collection, before but I can't think of any of those colours I wouldn't want and love. 
I am out of control. lol

I think it is time to start doing Valentine's themed manicures. I have a new Color Club red eating it's head off in my untried box and some pretty heart shaped crystals and stamping plates... 
This is going to be fun. :D

Thank you so much for popping in, Stay warm and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Great hauls! I did some hauling on Amazon since I had a gift card and I was really surprised with the great prices and the fast shipment too!

  2. oooh look at the hauls. :-d i have shimmmer shimmer it's fun! and i was at walgreens the other day.. i swear i saw that they were now selling essie..i must take a pict. i don't know i've been not buying polishes for a while. :-D

  3. I love this pastels polishes from essie.
    Mint is my fav ;D

  4. The OPI Catch Me In Your Net looks delish! If I wasn't so stuck on these gel polish manicures, that's one I would definitely try!

  5. Looks like you've been having a good haul of a time, lol. Looking forward to seeing your valentine mani.

  6. Hahah its like you picked out my 4 favorite Essies and took a pictures of them! Seriously; each one is nicer than the next ;)
    That is an amazing haul you have very good taste ;)


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