A Comparison and a Wonderful Gal at Sally's and a Steal of a Deal at Wag's

Hello gentle readers. How has your weekend been? Mine has been pretty okay. Especially today. It was so chilly and cloudy and windy, yesterday and today... The exact opposite. It is clear, calm, sunny and it warmed up pretty nicely, too. A lovely early Spring day.

Earlier this month, I popped into my local Sally's and picked up a couple of the new Orly Precious Spring colours. I got Sapphire Silk, which I have already shown you and I also bought Antique Jade. I almost didn't buy Antique Jade because in the bottle, I thought it looked a lot like Orly Gumdrop, from last Spring's Sweet collection. Well, since when did I ever allow a polish being a possible dupe stop me? Really? :P

The other day, I was really curious to see if Gumdrop and Antique Jade were even close, so I applied the two and took some pictures. I applied two coats of each and left them topless. I photographed this comparison on a typical big old clouds rolled in on a swatch day, day.

 Index and ring: Antique Jade. Middle and pinkie: Gumdrop.

 Not even close. Tho they do look closer in direct sun, photographed with my dipshit camera.

The difference between these shades is even more obvious indoors or in shade. And, before you ask, no. I didn't get pics indoors or in shade. "Cause that would have made too damned much sense. lol

Okay, so I was in Sally's again, today. I had a ten dollar item free with a minimum purchase certificate I received in the mail and wanted to use it before it expired. Hmmm... What to buy? Yeah... Duh! I picked up a new bottle of China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat. I like the Seche Clear just fine, but it just isn't CGSABC. I also grabbed China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Hey, they were two for ten clams. I had to get both. Then I hit the Orly Precious display. The Royal Velvet, which I really, really, really wanted was long gone. I picked up Precious Porcelain, the only other shade I wanted from that collection then I got a new foot file, some more acetone (I have to give that damned polish stain on my broadloom another treatment. Oh! I didn't tell you about that, did I? Someday, soon. Promise. :P) Some remover in a little bottle that will match the little acetone bottle in my mani basket (yes, I am obsessed about matching) and, figuring I blew enough to score my ten dollar free item, I chose my foot file to be it, I hit the register.

As the gal was ringing me up, I asked her if she was going to get anymore Orly Royal Velvet in and she very nicely and apologetically told me no. Then, she got a very thoughtful look on her face and told me that an employee had set a bottle aside, then decided that she didn't want it, after all and asked me if I would like it. Yesssss!!!! How sweet was that of her? I left Sally's with a free foot file and my final Orly Precious colour I wanted. Score!

Oh, speaking of score... I was in Walgreen's and picked up a few polishes along with some other drugstore-ly purchases. Let me ask you something... When the hell did girl razor cartridges get so frakking expensive? Four basic level Venus refills, almost ten bucks. The Embrace ones I love? Fifteen clams. I bough the Venus Basic and used a two dollar coupon. *sigh* I will be smooth. And poor. Anyhoozle... About the steal of a deal. I was buying polish and the Del Sol was price reduced from ten dollars a bottle to three for ten dollars. I grabbed two. And when the gal rang them up, one rang up for one cent. The other, she manually entered it as the full price, $3.99. She decided to let the one cent price stand. So, I got two Del Sol polishes for four dollars, even. Score! :D Walgreen's has Sally Hansen on sale, too. XTreme Wear is two for four dollars and I had a fifty cent coupon.

Also, if you like Rimmel makeup or polish, all Rimmel is half price at Walgreen's. I also had a one dollar off coupon from this Sunday's paper so I bought a pretty grey tones shadow quad palette for about two-fifty. :D

Okay. This is getting a little too chatty, so I will motor. Thank you all so much for popping in. Have a good one and may your polish never bubble.