Hello gentle readers. Today I have a comparison post for you. I recently wore Color Club Red Velvet from their Untamed Luxury Collection. When I applied it I was struck with how like China Glaze Lubu Heels it is, so I decided to do a comparison.

I left Red Velvet on my ring and pinkie nails and applied Lubu Heels to my index and middle nails. (I had forgotten I was planning to do this until after I had removed the polish from both of those nails, that is why I did it, this way. I think I need a new brain. Seriously!) All photos were taken in direct afternoon sun with no flash.

 Looking at them side by side, there is little difference between the two. They are both black jelly bases packed with red glitter. Perhaps my judgment is based a bit on playing favourites. But I like Lubu Heels better. To me, it is deeper, richer, the glitter is slightly larger, warmer and it has more depth and shine.

There is a difference in the formulas. Color Club Red Velvet applied in two coats, dried quickly and was grainy and bumpy, requiring two coats of Seche Vite to smooth it. China Glaze Lubu Heels needs three coats to get to opaque, dries a tad more slowly and is much smoother and only needed one coat of Seche Vite.

If you own either one of these polishes, you don't really have to get the other. Unless you just want to own both.

So, what do you think? Do you see a difference? Do you have a preference? Do you think I am full of it? :P

Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourself a lovely evening (or day... depending on where on this great green globe you reside) and may your polish, whether it is Color Club or China Glaze or any other brand, never bubble.


  1. I really can't tell the difference, thanks for the comparison!

  2. THey both look great, I might need to keep an eye out for them when I hit the store for my next five pound nail polish

  3. Not much difference at all - I think I can see a little more glitter in LH but really too close to call!

  4. Those look really, really close. I'm attracted a bit more to the LH nails--maybe because they're freshly topcoated and perhaps a bit more shiny??

  5. Wow, they are close! :) Good to know :)

  6. Nice comparison. I'm wondering how Milani Spellbinding would hold up in that comparison. It, too, is a black jelly base with deep red glitter from their 2009 Halloween collection? I'm guessing the formula on Lubu Heels is probably better.

  7. In my own opinion, Lubu Heels is just a bit deeper, richer. But that is just me. Both polishes are lovely. :D

    Karen D., I freshly top coated the Red Velvet nails, too just to be fair and to make the polish look it's prettiest for the comparison. I forgot to mention that in my post. (oops) :)

    I don't have Milani Spellbinding. A three way comparison would have been interesting. :D

  8. They look identical to me! However, I am sure that I would much prefer the ChG brush and formula as well...

  9. oooo they are very similar indeed :D I've never tried colour club before, but I'm glad your siding with Lubu Heels :D it does look a little darker in the pics, and the fact that its smoother is always a plus :D:D I want more polishes like this hehe :D


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