A Little Help, Please?

I know that a few of my readers are members of the Beauty News Feed. I was recently invited to join and I tried, today. I think I followed the directions properly, I snagged the badge, then linked it with the link to the site in a Picture gadget for my sidebar. Is this how you did it, if you have a Blogger blog? I ask because I then did a blog post and it hasn't shown up on the site. So, I think I messed up, somehow?

I feel like a real idiot having to ask this, but I am super-duper tech challenged and well... I am pathetic. lol So please, take pity on me? Tell me how you got hooked up?

Thank you! A thousand times! With bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates I think you.


  1. I just wanted to let you know I read this but, I have no idea, sweetie. I hope you get it set up and start posting away. :) Good luck!!!

  2. It's happening to me too. I replied to the email but have had no answer fromthem...if u find out please let me know too!!

  3. Hi, I added the badge on my blog and linked it to their site, then I emailed them I did so. A day later they replied they had added me to their bloglist and all my posts are showing on their site since then. Hope this works out for you! Good luck and hug.

  4. Thanks, girls. I am trying to contact them through e-mail. No luck, so far...


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