Manicure Mucked Up AKA Crackle Fail?

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a new Wet n Wild polish and a crackle fail? to show you.

First up is Wet n Wild Fast Dry in Grey's Anatomy. Softy grey duochrome that shifts gold, green, purple, even brilliant pink at certain angles. This polish is pretty sheer, it needed three coats to get it as opaque as it is. The formula is... So-so. Thick, easy to control but it bubbled like crazy and is a bit brushstroke-y. But not annoyingly so. Dry time was decent. I had topped this with Dare to Wear top coat to try to kill the bubbling. I had limited success. After photos, I topped it with Seche Vite which further smoothed it and improved it. I don't know if I like this polish or not. I think I liked it a bit more as I wore it and looked at it. I did like the brush. I am a wider brush girl and this one is pretty good.

 In sun.

In shade.

I think it was Mark Twain who said that golf is a good walk spoiled. Well, crackle polish is a good manicure spoiled. *sigh* This is Kelier brand black crackle polish. It was sent to me by Born Pretty Store for an honest and fair review. And in all honesty and fairness, I don't like it. Now, I am willing to admit that my application could very well be at fault, here. But I have tried working with this stuff four times. And it has been a pretty miserable fail, each and every time. 

The cracks are unimpressive and chunks of this stuff just sheet off my nails as the cracking begins. I had to really hustle to get top coat on before the crackle turned into a complete and horrid mess, as it has in my past attempts to use it. I topped it with Sally Hansen Double Duty to glue this stuff down as best as possible.  I hate Sally Hansen Double Duty but I had a bottle lying around that I received free when I bought another bottle of polish. I like the brush and was saving the bottle for a home for a future franken. No way was I going to risk flakes of this crack polish getting into and fouling my Seche Vite.

If all crackle polishes are as crappy as this stuff, I seriously doubt I am going to waste my very limited polish budget on any other brands and colours. If any of you have used this brand crackle polish and other brands, are the others, such as China Glaze and OPI any better? Or is crackle polish is crackle polish is crackle polish? 

Blech! So not impressed. I am disappointed, as I see such great looking crackle manicures being done with OPI and China Glaze brand crackle polishes. *sigh* Maybe I just suck to the gills at doing a cracked manicure. lol  Yanno... Some of my distaste for this look may stem from the fact that I was raised to believe that cracked, chipped polish equals trashy, tacky girl who doesn't take proper care of herself and doesn't take the time to do her nails and maintain them properly. Perhaps I need to overcome my childhood conditioning. lol  I'll have to wear this a while and see if I change my opinion. 

Allrighty then. 'Nuff about this. It is a gorgeously warm day. A bit windy but so mild and pleasant for this time of year. March is coming in like a lamb. Will it go roaring out like a lion? If so, storms, wind and slashing rain are fine. If there is to be more snow, I shall surely curl up and cry. It is time for Winter to flee. Go buh-bye. 

Thank you so much for popping in. I appreciate each and every one of you who click on the link to this blog, read it and follow along. I am honoured and thrilled every time I see my blog listed on someone's blogroll.

Have a great afternoon and may your polish never bubble.

The crackle polish used in this post was provided for my consideration by the company for an honest and fair review.


  1. This type of crackle polish is totally different than the OPI and ChG ones floating around recently. Don't give up on the crack!

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  3. Did the crackle go on top of the topcoats of the original color? Also how thick was the coat of the crackle? For the best crackle effect. The base color needs to be completely dry but with no top coat. The crackle then goes directly on the base color in a very thin coat.

  4. Kelli Kat, I did use top coat before the crackle. It was all completely dry. I'll try using the crackle without top coat, next time. :D

    Jenny, that is what I was afraid of. lol I guess I'll have to give the China Glaze a whirl. :)

  5. the Kelier crackles are different from the OPI and ChG ones. They shatter differently.
    For this one I would recommend that you try it over wet polish!!! Then let it dry a little bit, once you have the amount of cracks you want, follow with a top coat.
    It was trial and error to figure this out, as I had the same probkem that you did the first time that I tried this brand.
    When you finally get them to crack, they remind me of lighting. Very pretty.

  6. I have the OPI Black Shatter and the China Glaze Crackles and none that I have used so far have looked like this. I'm going to bet it is that brand. Don't give up!

  7. That WnW reminds me of OPI not like the movies. Too bad about this mani fail.. I guess they can't all be winners. There is always next time!

  8. I love the crackle pattern of this polish! It's like dried up earth. I neither have the OPI shatter nor the CG crackle, but a local brand one. It works best when I do thin layers and it absolutely won't tolerate second strokes. Once you lay the polish down, that's it.

  9. The Wet N Wild polish is lovely! It sort of reminds me of...nacre(hope that's the right word for it).
    As for the crackle failure, that's odd. Guess it all differs from different brands, and they could perhaps all require different techniques. Guess it doesn't hurt to try again and use some of the advice you've got from others.

    Oh and thank you so much for following my blog. ❤

  10. I'm not a fan of the crackle. I was raised the same as you. Chipped, cracked polish = no go!
    I can't get past it. Even seeing it in person.
    I can see how the younger kids like it, but I'm too old for that business! :)

  11. Okay, maybe I'll give it another go. Try it over wet polish and not over stroke it. See if that helps.

    Bwahahaha! I love ya, Jen. And I am wondering if the whole crackle thing really is me. lol I like to try new things, but I am having trouble getting past my early conditioning. :D

  12. So it's not just me.

    I bought their purple and yellow crackle polishes. I tried using each one twice - with poor results each time, AND with the falling-off problems you ran into. I used the crackle on top of regular nail polish (Zoya, China Glaze, and Wet and Wild) with no top coat, after waiting an hour for the nail color to dry. I got similar results every single time.

    I bought the purple and yellow, with the intention of going back and buying the four-pack with red, blue, green, and black. Now I don't think I'll bother. I had hoped these would work, because I don't like the "shredded" look of the China Glaze and OPI crackle polishes.


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