Nail Mail, a Mani in Progress, Reviewing Poshe` Topcoat

Hello gentle readers.

Boy, is this day going by fast! It is almost four in the afternoon and I am still thinking about earlier in the day type stuff to do. Amazing how time can get away from you, some days.

So, in my mailbox the last few days landed a couple of packages. One from the lovely Mary of Body and Soul. She recently hosted a mini giveaway and I was lucky enough to win two beautiful glitter polishes made by the oh-so-talented Lynnderella. Check out the pretty:

I will be showing these, soon. Thank you, Mary! Gentle readers, if you haven't checked out Body and Soul click the link and go pay her a visit. She has a terrific blog.

Next to hit my mailbox was my three green Zoya polishes from their recent and very short lived Get Your Green On promo. I think that I got in on that one, just in time. Shortly after I placed my order, I started reading posts about it being sold out. Holy cow! Us nail girls like us some Zoya. :D

Say hello to Shawn, Suvi and Ivanka. I am not too thrilled with that last name. Probably because that broad annoys the snot out of me. Don't know why... She just does. :P But the polish sure is pretty. In fact all three are. Pretty. Really pretty. I *heart* Zoya for doing these promos. These super affordable offers enable me to get my hands on some of their polishes, without killing my limited polish budget.

Speaking of Zoya... Speaking of Suvi...

Zoya Suvi is a beautiful black jelly packed with green shimmer. As I have come to expect and appreciate, the formula is Zoya-licious, practically applies it's self and dries in good time. I applied two coats to get it opaque. The first coat was a tad thin and streaky, the second coat filled, leveled and perfected the whole thing. This polish is slightly brushstroke-y. But it isn't obnoxiously so. In fact, you have to get macro on it to see the brushstrokes. I can live with that. I topped this polish with Poshe` topcoat. This mani is in progress. I am planning to do some Saint Patrick's Day style stamping. I'll probably do it tomorrow morning, I should have some time, then. :D

Now, for a quick review of Poshe` topcoat. This is a new to me product. I have read nice things about it on some of the blogs I stalk follow and I decided to grab a bottle while I was in Sally's the other day and bring it home and give it a test drive. My impressions, so far? Not bad. Not bad, at all. Poshe` is a quick dry topcoat, in the same vein as Seche Vite. It claims to dry to touch in one minute and completely in five. Poshe` is a little thinner than Seche Vite. It dries quickly but not, in my experience, as fast as Seche Vite. It dries to a nice shine but it doesn't have that thick, super glossy finish that I love from Seche but it is a very nice finish. One thing I do like about this topcoat, it works and plays a bit better with Zoya polish than Seche. I didn't get as much shrinkage and tip pull with the Poshe` as I can with Seche, especially on more jelly-like polishes. Overall, I like this topcoat and I see it becoming a regular part of my core rotation.I will definitely purchase it, again.

Did you get a chance to grab the Get Your Green On  promo polishes? What think you of these three beauties? Are you a fan of Poshe`? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful evening and may your polish never bubble.