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Hello gentle readers. How is your day shaping up? I hope it is a great day for you. :)

Today I have a little recent nail mail/small hauls to share. Today I received China Glaze Strawberry Fields, Raspberry Festival and Cherry Pie. These are colours from China Glaze's Summer Days Collection.

From the left, Strawberry Fields, Raspberry Festival and Cherry Pie. I was originally only going to order Strawberry Fields, since tht was the one I was kinda sighing over but there was a listing to get all three of these together and I thought, "What the hey?" and ordered all three. I am happy I did. These shades are so bright, juicy, sparkly and happy. They will join Watermelon Rind and Grape Juice in my little collection. Now, I suppose I should go ahead and order Orange Marmalade and complete the family. :D

Next up is China Glaze Atlantis and Nubar 2010.

I bought the Nubar 2010 to fill in for Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure so that I don't have to use up my bottle of SHHT. The 2010 is still widely available and just as pretty, if slightly different so it will make me perfectly happy. Look at China Glaze Atlantis. It is so pretty! I almost hate to think about using it. A part of me just wants to keep it around and look at it and pet it. I have lemming'd this polish for a long time. And I finally bought it. As with these others, I ordered them from Amazon. If you shop carefully you can get really nice polish deals on Amazon. Just watch your P's and Q's. Check shipping charges and go with sellers with good feedback. So far, I have had really good experiences with most Amazon sellers. I get fast order confirmation and delivery of my goodies far, far faster than the stated expected date of delivery and everything is intact and in perfect condition. So far, I am really happy with my Amazon polish shopping experiences.

There was one exception, but it wasn't a polish seller. It was a seller who was selling Bundle Monster plates under their own name. They were a terrible vendor. They shorted me two plates then refused to reply to any of my e-mails asking them to make it right. Funny enough, I am not seeing that vendor on Amazon, anymore. Good! I hope Amazon kicked their bad service arses to the curb, where they belonged.

Okay, talking about Amazon sellers a little. I purchased Atlantis for three dollars and change plus a reasonable shipping charge. Good deal. I'd go for it, again, fo shizz. At the same time I bought this polish for that price, another seller was listing Atlantis for over eleven dollars a bottle. Huh? WTF??? I know that Atlantis isn't in every store you walk in to but it is hardly limited or hard to find or discontinued. (As far as I know.) So, why was it going for so much? After I ordered it at the price I paid, that vendor upped the price to match the other listing. After I received my reasonably priced bottle of Atlantis, I noticed that the price had jumped, again. To over twenty-one dollars. Then it went up again to thirty-one dollars. For a polish that can be ordered from e-tailers for less than four dollars a bottle. Were they selling a "special" version of Atlantis? Has there been a formula/colour change I am unaware of? Is the earlier, better version so desired that it was worth the exceedingly high price? I did notice that this polish was no longer available on Amazon, a couple of nights ago. A dustup over price, perhaps?

Look, I have no problem with sellers making money. If I did, I wouldn't buy from them. But I do have a big problem with price gouging. Especially when the same item can be purchased at retail for much less elsewhere. I just think it is stinky.

This is just my opinion. I might be wrong. :)

Okay, I need to go toss my wash into the dryer and start a load of towels and then grab some lunch. I am thinking salad and some baked chicken. Nom, nom, nom. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.  :D


  1. I love Strawberry Fields, its the perfect summery pink.

    As far as I know Atlantis isn't discontinued and hasn't had any formula changes...I wonder why the price on it was so high. I saw Atlantis at Sally's not too long ago for about 5 dollars. (Or however much China Glaze sells for at Sallys.)

  2. I wonder if these sellers actually do their homework (ie check competitors price online) b4 jacking up their prices. Coz I know I saw 'Atlantis' on a couple of days ago for about 3.5. It's ridiculous.

  3. Oh I've been eyeing that Nubar 2010 for a few weeks now, want it to badly after having seen it on many blogs. Looks gorgeous on black and blue polishes(probably on other colours as well. Guess I have no other choice than to buy it. ;)

    The Atlantis is gorgeous! But raising the price is ridiculous. But then again buying such a polish here(Sweden) is extremely expensive. That is why I barely have any of those awesome polishes, if I want to buy one for a regular price here they go for $23 ...and I'm not making that up! :(

  4. Great haul. I have 2010 and Atlantis. I love them both. I can't imagine why the price for Atlantis is so high online. They have it at Sally's right now for $6 or $4.50 if your a member. I know you're going to have a fun weekend with your new haul :)

  5. That's what I thought... I didn't want to cast aspersions but dayumn! no reason to so terribly raise the price on something you can get elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. :P

  6. That's really weird about Atlantis. I've seen this in the clearance section of my Sally's a few times.

    By the way, Cherry Pie is in my top ten favorite polishes for sure. Good buy :)


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