Product Review: Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle Makeup

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have something a little different for you. A review of Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle Makeup.

I recently had to bid a sad and reluctant goodbye to my beloved mineral foundation. I have used mineral foundation exclusively for almost eleven years but recently it has stopped working and playing well with my skin. It was settling into my fine lines and wrinkles and cracking and just no longer a good fit for me. I tried to rescue my minerals by ramping up the moisturiser, using oil and other tricks but it just wasn't working. Oh! The humanity! What to do? What to do?

Why, find a new foundation, of course.

Not exactly an easy task. Not if you are an exceedingly picky middle aged broad woman of a "certain age" with specific coverage requirements, is spoiled by beautiful mineral makeup and has no desire to feel her foundation on her face, a nasty little allergy to any and all chemical sunblocks and a tight beauty budget. Makes shopping the drugstores for a new foundation a bit if a task. Actually a big task. I tried the one foundation that I thought could be acceptable and it was a dismal failure. *sigh* Sad. Despair. Start thinking about going to a department store and paying a whole lot more than I can really afford on foundation just so I can have a designer name on the lid?

Then, I saw it. In my local drugstore. A display for Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle Makeup. Okay, never mind that the name grabbed my attention right away. I mean, souffle? Yeah, baby! Mama likes souffle. Souffle is light, fluffy, soft, creamy, gorgeous. What is not to like about souffle? Unless you are allergic to eggs...

So, I grabbed a jar. Mmm... Nice, heavy glass jar. Feels good in my hand. Substantial. I like that. I am a packaging whore, I admit it. I tipped the jar to read the ingredients list. Short, sweet. Just the way I like it. And no nasty chemical sunblock!! Thank the angels in heaven. There seemed to be a very nice selection of shades to accommodate a wide range of skin tones. I chose Light Ivory, the lightest shade, hoping it would match my pasty fair complexion. The price was reasonable, if a tad high, to me for a drugstore foundation. (Remember, it has been over a decade since I bought foundation in a drugstore. Maybe my perception was slightly skewed? :P) At any rate, I bought it and took it home and gave it a whirl.

Upon opening the lid, I was a little concerned. Through the jar, the makeup looked nice and light. But as I beheld it in person, it looked peach with a bit of yellow. Ruh-roh. I smelled another disappointment. But, I decided to try it on my face, anyway. I dipped my finger in gently to pick up a little of the foundation and it bounced! The texture was spongy, springy and slightly firm. Huh. Strange. Definitely different. I applied a little more pressure and picked some up on my finger and dotted it on my face, then started blending it out with the sponge. And a lovely thing happened. The peachy, slightly yellow, too dark makeup suddenly became light, fair, ivory and blended perfectly into my own skin tone. Impressive. And surprising. With the sponge, I had a few little balls of foundation fall off my face. Not so impressive. With further experimenting, I have learned that for me, this foundation is best blended out with a wide, soft foundation brush. Mine is over an inch wide and fairly thick and very soft and it works perfectly for blending this foundation.

Coverage is light/medium. It is somewhat buildable. If you need to build the coverage, stippling seems to work the best. My face does not look like the commercial running on TV, with the thick, opaque blanket of makeup on the model's face. It is more sheer, looks more like skin than heavy makeup. Happily, I can't feel it on my face. It lets my skin breathe and move and be. It covers my redness and light post acne discolouration scarring and light melasma very nicely and evens my overall skin tone. Not so much my serious dark circles. I didn't expect it to do so, tho.  I have a couple of spots on my face, one a good sized sun spot on my cheek, just above my jawline that need a little help with concealer before my foundation. This is not a problem for me.

This makeup skims gracefully over my early signs of aging, not settling into the fine lines around my eyes or the creases beginning to form on my forehead and bracketing my mouth. It doesn't crack. This foundation doesn't settle into the Lake Superior sized pores on my nose and chin. Yay!! It lasts very nicely through a long day. I did notice a little disappearing act on my forehead after eight hours or so... A very quick touch up dealt with that. I set this makeup with Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. The two work beautifully together. When my Mineral Veil is gone, I might try a Loreal powder with this foundation. We'll see.

I like this foundation and have been happily using it for a while, now. Is it my Holy Grail? Maybe. Maybe not. But until, someday, in some nebulous future I do meet my HG, this makeup is a very fine fill in and I will continue to use it. Unless Loreal decides to add chemical sunblock to the formula. Please, please, please, Loreal, don't do that to me! I beg you. 

I know that many of my readers are thinking, "But! Loreal tests on animals! How can you buy products from a company that tests on animals?" As far as I know, Loreal does do a very limited amount of animal testing on a few products. Hair colour, mostly. Now, I don't like the idea of soft, furry creatures suffering for the sake of my vanity. And I do feel that animal testing of beauty products is just not necessary in this day and age. However, in this case any foundation by a company that doesn't animal test at all was either packed with ingredients my skin can't tolerate, won't work for me or is out of my reach, price wise. I don't expect you to agree with my choice but I do ask that you respect where I am coming from, just I respect where you are coming from. :)

Have you tried this makeup? What do you think of it? Please share.

Thank you so much for popping in and have a great day.


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