Stamp Me Amadeaus

I know... Lame-O title. lol I just couldn't help myself.

Hello gentle readers. :D How is your Caturday?

Today, I decided to do a little remodel of my divine OPI DS Signature manicure. And what better way to remodel a manicure than to Konad the stuffing out if it? I used Funky Fingers unnamed black mini polish and Konad plates 39 and 71. *sigh* I liked the idea of a pretty, scalloped band and a butterfly on my accent nails. Sadly, the actual manicure isn't living up to the idea. Oh, it stamped nicely. Funky Fingers black stamps beautifully. I have a good rhythm going with my stamping but I still need more work on my design placement. Guess I need to practice. A lot more. No problem. I enjoy stamping. :)

After I finished stamping, I applied my own lightweight top coat mix and then applied little pearls to the center of the butterfly's body on my accent nails. I applied Seche Vite to all nails to glue the pearls down and up the shine even more.

I forgot to bring a bottle upstairs to pose my nails on so I just grabbed my phone and used that. It did the job. I love my red jelly cover. I am looking for a matching polish. :D

I like stamping over holo.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. This is beautiful, the stamping looks nice over the holo~

  2. gorgeous manicure! :) and I absolutely agree stamping over holo polish always looks awesome!!!! mmmmm holos :D


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