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Hello gentle readers.

Happy Monday. It is a gorgeous day here in Prescott, Arizona. It is clear as a bell, sunny and warming up very nicely. Should top out around the low sixties. But it feels warmer than that...

Anyhoozle, the reason why I am here right now is to show you two gorgeous glitter polishes. I received these as a prize in a recent giveaway given by Mary at Body and Soul. They are frankens made by Lynderella (sorry, I don't have a link to her) a very talented gal with the add a little of this to a little of that and shake, shake, shake.

I present The Glittering Crowd and Snow Angel. Two pretty, pretty layering glitters. All pictures are clickable to enlarge, if you are so inclined.

First to the plate, The Glittering Crowd. Many different glitter components and flakies in a clear base.

 No base coat, no top coat, one coat with an extra on my index finger.

 Check out those big purple flakies! They are almost sheets of shiny, sparkly wonderful.

 Sooo many pretty colours...

 Blinded my poor camera with the light.

A bottle close up of the chunky, sparkly, yummy goodness.

This glitter bomb is packed with all kinds of delicious, sparkly, shiny stuff. Hex sequins, round, square, bar, even big flakies. This isn't the easiest stuff to apply, but it isn't too bad, either. It didn't fight me, I just had to work for it a little. I need to try this over dark colours... 

Next up is Snow Angel.A whitish base packed with cold, white glitter. This looks like a Winter snowstorm on my nails. It is really lovely. The texture of the base is a little different. It feels... Kind of grainy-ish? But not really grainy. It is hard to describe. It isn't bad, it is just different than what I am used to.

 One coat on index and ring and two on middle and pinkie. No base or top coats. 

So icy. 

Better on my nails than on my driveway, tho! lol

This polish is delightfully shivery. I could see this as part of a Winter manicure, around Christmas or on my nails in the Dog Days, when it is hot, humid and miserable and I need a nice little cool down.

So, what do you think of these lovelies?

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I'm not much for glittery stuff like that - altho its very pretty. However, the Snow Angel is just fabulous. I love how it looks like individual snow flakes. So incredible! 2 beautiful frankens to own. :)

  2. the glittering crowds is beautiful and please what mark have these nail polish??? Because I want to buy it:D thanks for the reply :)

  3. The first one is like a party on your nails!!

  4. Oh My! That last one! It's just like real snow, awesome!

  5. Oh I love snow angel. It kind of reminds me of white lace too. So pretty :)

  6. Now THERE is a glitter bomb! Snow Angel is interesting - it reminds me kind of stucco (like on a house).

  7. Holy sparkle, Batman! That polish is off the charts! I personally like my nails (when I'm wearing glitter) to as closely resemble disco balls as possible lol.
    Snow Angel is so different than any polish I've ever seen - so pretty and soft, in a way.
    I wish these were both available for purchase - I'd snap them up in a heartbeat!

    P.S. - I'm a new visitor to your site - I love it! I think it's refreshing in the sea of nail blogs. I'm definitely keeping up with your great reviews!

  8. Thanks for the 'spam' of 'The Glittering Crowd.' I don't think I can get enough of that one. Gee, it's like nothing I've seen. Same with 'Snow Angel.' The creator should find someone to mass market her frankens. I think there is a crowd out there to make this worth it. I'd stand in line for them!!!!

  9. I'm a newbie follower. Love Snow Angel :)

  10. I think I like the first one the most, but the last one's pretty too!

  11. Where can I buy the first one?

  12. You can try E-Bay. Put Lynnderella or The Glittering Crowd into the search bar and see if anything comes up. Lynns are a boutique, indie brand and come out in small batches when she wants to release them so finding and buying them can be difficult. Sorry I can't be of more help than this.


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