Swatches: Wet-N-Wild Limited Edition Bloom Collection

Hello gentle readers. How is everyone? It was a gorgeous day here, today. Eighty degrees, sunny. It is still seventy two. My windows are open  and my ceiling fan is whirring, creating a welcome little breeze.

Today I have my first ever full collection swatch post. Well... Almost the whole collection. Sadly, one of the bottles suffered a tragic accident and left broken glass and orange polish splashed all over my bedroom floor. Tragic. And a huge pain in the arse to deal with. *sigh*

This collection is the limited edition Wet-N-Wild Spring Bloom Collection. Six pretty pastels just right for the season. I received this collection as a prize in a recent giveaway held by Nouveau Cheap. The missing polish is a soft, light orange. I can't remember the name of the polish. I can remember how much fun it was to clean out of my broadloom... :P

I swatched all of these polishes over Orly Ridge Filling Base Coat to give them a halfway decent chance to get amooth over my terribly ridged nails. I didn't apply any topcoat. These polishes were lovely and shiny  without it. Tho I would definitely wear topcoat, if using these for a full manicure.

 Cherry Blossom, Laughing Lilac, Bird Bath, Garden Hose, Collecting Pollen.

 Cherry Blossom.

 Soft, sugar almond pink. Great. Now I am craving sugar almonds...

 Laughing Lilac. 

 I lack descriptive powers for this shade. It is a pretty, true lilac.

 Bird Bath.

 Delicate, robin's egg blue.

 Garden Hose.

 Faded, whitish green. Like a rubber hose left out too long in the sun.

 Collecting Pollen. Ah... Ah... Ahchoo! 

 Bright, sunny yellow. It is like Spring sunshine splashed all over my nails.

The formula of this polish is jelly, silky and translucent and squishy. It is a bit sheer and slightly streaky. I needed three full coats to get a uniform, even finish. Part of that was due to the awful brushes in these bottles. They were not trimmed well and they definitely contributed to the streaking and difficulty getting the polish on nice and smooth. I like all of these colours. They are nothing different or groundbreaking but they are very nice shades. I would have happily paid the retail for these polishes. Tho I would have been a little bummed about the brushes.

These polishes should be available in drugstores, soon if they haven't already hit the shelves. I haven't seen them here, but since it is nearly impossible to find LE anything in this podunk town, I can't say for certain.

What do you think of these polishes? Pretty? Boring? Will you take them? Leave them? 

Okay, so there you have it. My first ever collection swatch post. I kinda liked doing it. If only I had the budget to buy more collections. I would happily do more. :D

Thank you all so much for popping in, have a great evening and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Congrats!! Love bird bath! Hope I can get these.

  2. Lovely post. So glad you won these beauties. I'm looking forward to giving them a try if I can ever find them. BTW, it was snowing up in my neck of the woods today. :/ crazy

  3. Oh these swatches make me eager for spring to fully come! great swatches!

  4. Oh I just love the yellow, so soft and pretty. Those colors really make me think of easter :)

  5. I love Garden Hose :) Cuuute collection! I didn't see this the last time I was at Rite Aid and Walgreens.. probably because the ones I go to are slow ones. :(

  6. Such a cute colors, they're perfect for spring!

  7. Just the fact that they are jellies I want them. :)

  8. I love Wet n Wild polishes. I didn't think I was interested in these, but your post and pictures have my interest piqued. I really love the names as well.

  9. Thank you, Tara. Birdbath is really pretty. Worth hunting down, IMO. :)

    Thank you, LW. <3 I'm sorry that you have snow. Snow sucks. Blech! I hope that you can find these.

    Makeup Art, I hope that you find these.

    Breigh, I thought of Easter, as well when I saw these. Mmm... Peeps... *drool*

    Necessary Nails, the hit or miss distribution of LE collections drives me insane! Seriously.

    Nail Addict, I agree! :D

    Rmcandlelight, I was so surprised when I opened the bottles and saw that lovely translucent quality. That is when I got excited. I was honestly expecting goopy, so-so quality cremes and got lovely jelly, instead. :D If only the brushes were better...

    Jaybird, I like Wet-N-Wild polishes, too. Surprisingly good quality for a great price. What more could you want. Except maybe some slamming holos... :D Happy to be of service as an enabler. :D ^^

  10. Oh SNAP!! I need to find these boogers! I love them all. And with WnW, I can afford the entire collection. :) They are pretty on you too.

  11. Thank you, Kimberly. :D

    I love how affordable this brand is. The fact that they are actually pretty danged nice polishes doesn't hurt.

    I wish I knew when they were available and in what stores. Sadly, I have no clue. lol


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