Blog Challenge Manicure

Hello gentle readers.

Today's mani is a nail art project done in three random polish colours. I was tagged by Kimberly at Libby's Pink Vanity  (please go and visit her, if you haven't, yet. She has a really nice blog, I enjoy it :D) to participate in a blog nail art challenge. The idea is to take three random polishes and do a manicure and nail art with them. I knew that this would be a real challenge for me, considering how lame I am at nail art. lol

I decided to let my guys choose the colours. Thank heaven my son has some colour sense, since my husband has none. Together, they chose Orly Pure Porcelain, Orly Antique Jade and Sally Hansen Lacy Lilac. I did a base of Orly Antique Jade and then did layered dots in Sally Hansen Lacy Lilac and Orly Antique Jade. A simple look but fun, none the less. This is my first layered dot nail art mani. My dotting pretty much blows... This looks distinctly amature hour. lol But I think it came out okay. I topped everything with Seche Vite.

 Taken in a patch of sun that peeked out, just as I got ready to shoot.

In shade.

I always cop out when it comes time for me to tag people for things like this. Yes, I suck and am lame. That is how I roll. :S So... I am tagging anyone who wants to participate. Please drop me a comment in this post with your blog URL if you decide to do a three random colours manicure with nail art, so I can see your artistry. :D

Orly Pure Porcelain is a pretty, slightly pink creamy shade. It goes on a little streaky and needs at least two coats. It benefits from topcoat and dries lovely and shiny. It looks like glazed porcelain. Next time I wear it, I will definitely apply three coats. I think three would work better than two. This would be a pretty base for stamping, too. 

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Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.