A Comparison

Hello gentle readers. How's your Friday? Mine? Blech. Spring has fled and Winter holds temporary sway. It is cloudy and windy and chilly. It is supposed to rain and perhaps even dump a few inches of snow on our poor heads. Happily, it is supposed to start warming up by Sunday. That is one problem with living up this high. Crazy weather. lol

Today, I have a couple of glitters to show to you. I had a little e-mail convo with a fellow polish addict about these glitters so inspired by her, I present China Glaze Dollhouse and China Glaze Glam. These are glitters in slightly rose coloured clear base. The glitter in Dollhouse is all larger hex glitter. Glam is a mix of small hex glitter and larger hex glitter. The glitter in both are, to my eye, the same colour. I didn't see that in the online photos. Oh vell...

 China Glaze Glam and Dollhouse. Rose? Copper? Rosy copper?

 Dollhouse on index and ring. One coat on index, two on ring.

 Glam on middle and pinkie. One coat on middle, two on pinkie.

 All of these pics taken in direct sun.

 No base or topcoat.

 The glitter colours look identical, to me.

Application is pretty typical for glitter. You have to do a little work for your payoff. The base jelly can get a little thick, a little gloopy as you apply, giving you a lot of base without a lot of glitter, if you aren't careful. These are pretty enough to be worth the effort.

So, I haven't decided. Is this stuff rose? Copper? Copper-rose? It makes me think of rose-gold. Where I get that from copper? I dunno. :P

Do you have these? One? Both? Love them? Want to lob them through a window? Do I really need both?

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  1. I agree with you they look the same color, just different sized glitter. They are both a pretty color, I like them.

  2. I can't decide which one I like better, but I think I'm going to choose Doll House. Thanks for this comparison!

  3. great comparison! I can't wait to get dollhouse <3

  4. I haven't heard of these two before. I like the glitter polishes - so many layering options :)

  5. You are welcome. I like doing the comparisons. :D

    Of the two, I definitely prefer Dollhouse.

  6. Thanks for the comparison swatches! Oddly (maybe it's my monitor), they look copper in the bottle and definitely rose on your nails. Very pretty, but since I already have Nubar Sugar, I think I can pass.

    Btw, thank you again for the reply to my e-mail. I think I forgot to say that! :)


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