A Comparison

Hello gentle readers.

Tonight I am showing you a comparison between Nubar 2010 and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Here is a bottle shot.

Both of these are colour shifting flakies in a whitish base that goes on and dries clear. Nubar 2010 has a slightly more clear base and the flakies show up more. Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure has a more opaque base and the flakies are a little more hidden. Hence, I suppose, the name. Dur! :D Nubar 2010 is widely available on the Nubar website and elsewhere. I snagged mine on Amazon for a little less than usual retail and a good shipping deal. SHHT was a brief, flaming star of a limited edition. It was in drugstores, then it was gone. I haven't seen it since the day I bought my bottle. And I am still kicking myself in the ass that I passed up the second bottle and bought an ugly on me cafe au lait colour, instead. Hey, I never claimed to be brilliant...

While these polishes look a little different in the bottles, they are nearly identical on the nails.  Nubar 2010 is on my middle and pinkie. SHHT is on my index and ring. One coat of each, over black creme. I did use base and top coats for this swatch.

See? Not much difference between the two. Both are colour shifting flakies that change from gold/bronze to green, depending on the angle and light in which they are viewed. Sadly, I did a kinda crap job on the photography and didn't really capture the full glory of these polishes. If you haven't tried either, trust me. They are pretty gorgeous. Since these polishes are so identical, if you want this look, unless you are hide bound determined to add a bottle of SHHT to your collection, Nubar 2010 does the job beautifully and is far easier to find and to afford.

These polishes are beautiful over dark colours but they are also really lovely over light colours. I have worn Hidden Treasure over OPI I'm India Mood For Love and the effect was out of this world. One of my all time favourite manis.

So, do you own either of these polishes? Both? Love them? Could leave them? Please share. :)

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Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourself a great night or day... Depending on where on this green Earth you call home and may your polish never bubble.