Do I Love It? Do I Hate It?

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Friday! Only two more full days and Husband goes back to work! Woo hoo! Yes, he has been on vacation. How did you guess? :P ***Come on Monday!***

So, today I have an interesting polish to show you. This is Nubar Prevail. I received this polish as part of a giveaway prize from the lovely Nailstah a while back. I have been looking at this polish for a while, now trying to decide whether or not I wanted to even wear it. There is something about this polish that speaks bad to me. And something about it that makes me kind of go, "Ooo!" And I honestly can't decide which voice is stronger. I can't decide if I love it or if I hate it.

All photos were taken in direct late afternoon sun. All photos are clickable so that you can get a real eyeful of my shite polishing job, too. :P

Nubar Previal is a matte polish. It is a dark grey base packed with purple shimmer that looks duchrome-y in the bottle, shifting from purple to gold to even looking a bit brown. That was almost the kiss of death for this polish before I ever painted it on. I have attitude about brown polish. I like it not and it looks like dog vomit on me so any polish that even hints at being brown is out on it's ear. But this polish isn't really brown, at all.

In photographs, this polish looks decidedly purple. It is more subtle in person, showing grey with a purple, almost metallic, lit-from-within glow. This is my first true matte polish (besides matte topcoat) and working with a matte polish is very different from working with a "regular" polish. This stuff gives you about five seconds to get it on and get it right before it starts to dry. Once that happens, any attempt to work it results in dragging and bald spots. However, if you can paint a thick, even, fast coat, this polish will reward you with a smooth finish and a complex, interesting colour that doesn't ever look quite the same, each time you stop to look at it.

I applied two coats but this polish could possibly be a one coat wonder to someone who is an expert at painting on mattes fast, thick and smooth. Cleanup isn't too difficult with this polish, either. I had to stop and do a bit, as I worked with this stuff, since it was something I had never used, before. I made a bit of a mess of things. lol Nubar Previal has a thick, buttery formula. It whispers onto the nail surface, like a good polish should. It dries lightening fast and it dries completely matte. I topped it with Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love to try to smooth it a bit. Didn't really help all that much. *sigh*

I don't know... I will say that the longer I have it on and the more I look at it, the softer I feel towards it. It may be a keeper. Or it may get re-homed. If I went by how I felt out it the moment I finished my manicure, It would have been out the door, no if's and's or but's about it.

Maybe it is growing on me?

We'll see...

So, gentle readers, what do you think of Nubar Prevail? Love it? Hate it? Tired of my back and forth-ing all over the place? lol Please let me know your opinion.

I was able to get some polish shopping accomplished, this week. When I have time, I will photograph my hauls and show off. :D I did return a polish that I didn't even try. One of the new Revlon polishes from the LE Summer collection. The colour was so pretty but the scathing reviews I have read about the formula made me decide that I would rather return it and use the money to buy polishes I will actually like and wear. 

Okay. I guess that I have nattered on long enough, for now. Thank you all so much for popping in. Have a wonderful evening and may your polish never bubble. (Like mine did, this time... :P)


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