Falling in Love With Neons, Again and a Stamping Mishap

Hello gentle readers. How is your weekend going? Mine? Lazy in the extreme. I didn't get a whole lot done but splashing polish around, taking more pictures and mucking up a stamp job. At least it is a gorgeous day. Warm, upper seventies, sunny and a little breeze.

I am falling back in love with neon polishes. I used to wear them way back when in the late 80's-early 90's. Back when they were called Fluorescent. I tried a couple of neons, last year and frankly, I was underwhelmed. I thought maybe neons and I weren't going to be friends. Then yesterday, I was doing a colour story shoot and two of the polishes were Color Club neons. I was kind of dreading it, expecting the polishes to give me a big fight. To my surprise and delight, they were lovely to apply. And my faith in neons was restored.

Today's mani is Color Club Ultraviolet. Neon purple violet. So pretty. So bright. Sadly, this polish freaked my camera out and it didn't capture this polish accurately. In person it is a true purple violet, deeper and much more intense than the photos show. I applied two coats, topped it with Seche, then stamped flowers with a BM plate and Konad Special white. Boy, what a difference that polish makes. The Sinful I was stamping with worked okay but the Konad white gives a much brighter image. When I want soft, I'll use the Sinful, when I want really bright, I'll use the Konad. :) I topped this mani with my stamping topcoat. I thought about using Seche, but I decided to see how this stuff holds up.

As I was stamping, I mucked up the works, a bit. You can really see it on my middle finger nail. Foo! But it isn't awful and it isn't really visible to the casual observer, so it can stay. For now... ;)

Color Club Ultraviolet is a pleasure to apply and work with. It is a little thick, but a tad runny but not crazy. It wasn't hard to make behave. The first coat dried fast and looked a little meh. The second coat just smoothed everything beautifully. Two coats made this polish almost opaque. There is still a little VNL. If that is something that makes you batty, a third coat or an underpinning should take care of it. I don't mind a little VNL with some polishes, so I didn't bother. This polish dries matte and must have a topcoat to make it glorious and shiny. Ultraviolet is so very pretty. With topcoat it sings on my nails. I love it and I think it is going to get a good bit of play, this Spring and Summer.

Is anyone else getting excited for the new Bundle Monster plates coming out, soon? I have been haunting their Facebook page, waiting for news of the release. I am enjoying the sneak peeks they are posting and I am excited to hear about the new, easier to remove plastic film and the smoother edges and backing on the plates. Sounds as if they are really stepping it up, quality wise. I just hope that doesn't mean that they are going to jack the price up too much. One thing I love about them is nice plates and not too much moolah needed to buy them. I can't seem to find the release date, if it has been posted. Anyone have the skinny?

I got the rest of this round of colour stories swatched and photographed, today. I just need some time to photograph the bottle lineups then edit the photos. Should keep me busy and out of trouble for a while. lol

Okay, I guess that is all I have to natter about, for now. Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourself a fab evening and may your polish never bubble.


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