I am Issuing an Invitation...

To blog link spam me. :D

I have a bunch of new followers and I am trying to get to you with my followers box, but I can't always find you, or I forget or something comes up and I don't get to visiting. And I feel bad about that. So, if you read my blog, follow me, have my blog on your blogroll and would like me to reciprocate, please leave your blog name and URL in a comment for this post. (And for this post only, please. ;)) It will be easier for me to go down the list and get to everyone, rather than hopping all over the place, getting my fool brain all twisted in knots and making my ears smoke. lol

Since I own two Blogspot blogs, I have to follow and add new blogs while in IE (I run Firefox) so it is a bit of a slow process, but I promise, I will get to you.

Thanks and please, blog link spam me, here. :D

As I go down the list, I will delete each comment, just to keep straight what I am doing, so please, don't be hurt of you see your comment disappear. It just means that I have been to see you. :D


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