Manicure of the Moment and a Mini Giveaway

 The mini giveaway is now closed. Thank you all so much for entering. :D

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a double whammy for you. A manicure.

And a mini giveaway.

Manicure first. :D

This is Sinful Colors Cream Pink with some Kiss Catwalk nail decals. These are from the Action set. I also have the Lights set. The Action is full of fun designs. A little edgier. But pretty, too. I topped this mani with Poshe` topcoat.

Pics are, as always, clickable. That way you can see the shimmer. :)

 Bright, neon pink with subtle gold shimmer.

 A touch of something blue in bright sun.

 Opaque in two coats.

 This polish photographs a little... Darker? Less fluorescent than it really is. 
 The formula for Sinful Cream Pink is a bit of an odd duck. It is thick, almost gluey, but runny, too. I had to have a lot of polish on the brush or it would break and leave a big, bare spot. But too much on the brush and cuticle flooding could result. Weird. This polish dries semi matte and definitely needs topcoat to be shiny. Dry time is sloooow. I like this bright, neon pink with the beautiful shimmer. I am not madly in love with the formula. I want to use this polish, again. Maybe I'll see if I can tweak it a little. See if I can make it behave a little better. If not... I may toss it in the franken/trade in drawer.

Okay... so. Kiss Catwalk Action decals have fun, somewhat edgy designs. Lots of black and grey, crosses, hearts, purple roses with thorns and ribbons and sparkles and other fun stuff. Fun stuff I am going to enjoy using. One sheet has lots of skulls and daggers through hearts. Not exactly my thing. lol So, I wondered what I should do with this little sheet of decals. Leave them to languish, unloved, in the dark? Toss them?


Pass them along to someone who likes them and will enjoy them?

Good idea.

But, how, exactly shall I go about this?

Why, have a little giveaway, of course!

But just one little sheet of nail decals, while a nice little something, looks rather lonely and flat. So, perhaps something to round it out? Say...

A bottle of polish?

But which one? Perusing my box of untried polishes, I tried to decide which one would fit. I finally decided on Del Sol Rockstar. Blue glitter that turns green in the sun. I also loved that the name seemed to go with the decals. The decals look like little tattoo designs and rock stars are often tattooed, so why not a polish called Rockstar?

So, here is the dealio. I am going to make this quick and easy. This little giveaway will run for a week; until 11:59 PM  MST on Wednesday, April 20th. You must be a public follower. If you are not, yet, you know what to do and how to do it. :) This giveaway is open to U.S. residents. I am sorry, but my stinking budget is a little too tight for international shipping. Just leave a comment (in this post only, please) with any name(s) with which you follow and your e-mail address. If you would like an additional entry, please like Ice Queen's Nail Parlour  on Facebook. And, that is all that you need to do. Easy. :D

I will select a winner by old fashioned draw after the giveaway period closes. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to my e-mail informing them that they won. I will also post the winner in a post on my blog and on my Nail Parlour Facebook page, just in case the e-mail doesn't go through. So please, check back. ;) If I don't hear from the winner within 24 hours, I will choose another winner.

Speaking of giveaways, have you entered my giveaway for a Karmin hair straightener valued at $120.00, yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for? You know you want one. Why not get it for free?  :D

Okay, I guess this is long enough. Heh heh. Thank you so much for popping in. Please do enter my giveaways. Win prizes. Have a great evening and may your polish never bubble. :D