Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. Post number three of the day coming at you. lol

This one is actually about polish. OPI Designer Series Extravagance, as a matter of fact. Extravagance is a good name for this polish. It is. Extravagant. Rich purple jelly packed to the rafters with rainbow holo. It isn't a linear holo. Not really. But it is multi faceted, it has depth, depths of depths. In some light, it looks purple with fires deep inside that glow to the surface. In other, the brilliant multi coloured holo take center stage, flashing in red, purple, silver, blue, gold. If the light and movement is just right, there is a subtle linear effect. Sometimes it is rainbow, sometimes it is deep reddish-purple. I think, were my nails longer, the subtle linear effect would show a little better. Topcoat does not dull or inhibit the holo value at all.

I am doing kind of a crap job describing this polish. It has so much going on that is escapes my powers of description. lol I took seventy-five pictures of this manicure. Cropped all of the photographs then had to winnow them down. Several times. I got them down to thirteen so you are about to get the shit photo spammed out of you. lol All pics were taken in afternoon sunlight and are clickable to get the full effect of the gorgeous that is this polish.

As usual, my photos don't capture what this polish can do, in person. I did my best. :)

This polish is typical OPI DS fabulous. The formula is nearly flawless, it almost applied it's self, flowing off that lovely Pro Wide brush like a dream. What cleanup I had was just fussbudget refining. Even tho this polish is jelly, it is intensely pigmented and so packed with shimmer and holo that it is solidly opaque in two coats. If one were a painttacular polisher who can slip on one perfect, thick coat, this might be a one coat wonder for that person. That person is not I. OPI DS Extravagance dries nicely and a little more quickly than other polishes. It dries satin matte, to get the shiny you must apply topcoat. I topped this manicure with Seche Vite.

I keep looking at my nails. I keep moving one or the other into a little bar of sunshine coming in through the slats of my hideously ugly renter's delight vertical blinds. It is probably a good thing I am not driving, right now. I would probably cause a chain reaction pileup admiring my tips. lol

If you like purple. If you like holo. If you like OPI. If you like complex, rich polishes full of depth and character, I can heartily endorse this polish.

Thank you so much for popping in. Again. Heh! Heh! Have yourself a faboo evening and may your polish never bubble.