Pink Wednesday

Hello gentle readers.

Today is Wednesday and, since we wear pink on Wednesday, today I chose to apply Sinful Colors Easy Going. This is a pale, pale pink crelly (creme-jelly). This is two coats, with three on my few badly ridged nails, to get it all uniform.

Pictures were taken out in direct late morning sun. This washed the colour out a lot, so I took one indoors that gives a better representation of the actual shade.

 Taken outdoors in direct sun.

Taken indoors in natural light coming in through my laundry room window. 

The formula on this polish is a tad... Funny. It is thick, but not gloopy. It stays where you place it pretty nicely. I didn't have a huge amount of cleanup, mostly fussbudget refining. I learned pretty quickly that this polish likes to be applied with plenty of polish on the brush. It can be worked, a bit and in fact seems to benefit from that. The first coat is a little streaky, but the polish, if applied thick enough will self level very nicely. A second coat made it all smooth and even. I ended up needing a third coat on a few of my nails that have Super Ridges (insert deep, echoing voice, here) to make it all look uniform and smooth all across.  I topped this manicure with Seche Vite. 

I like this polish. The colour is so soft and ladylike. The formula is decent and it isn't hard to work with. A problem that can tend to plague a lot of pastel cremes. This polish would make a nice background for stamping. Hmmm... Maybe later when I have a little time... :)

Do you own this polish? Think that you might like to? Sinful Colors is on special at Walgreen's right now. $ 0.99 a bottle. A terrific price for a terrific polish. I really like this brand. I own a pile of them and am always happy to acquire more. Overall, they have very nice quality and pretty colours. I have encountered a few dogs, but that is true with any brand. I am hoping that this big sale is a precursor to a release of new colours. Not a bunch of re releases. Tho I would love to see Pink Ocean and Blue Ocean and perhaps Pearl Harbour hit the shelves, again. I missed out on those shades and would really love to obtain them. 

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Okay, I must toodle along. I would like to see what my fellow polish fanatics are up to and I have laundry to do, today. Blech! Do not want to! Stupid laundry, anyway. *pouts*

Have a lovely Wednesday, whether you go pink or not. Thank you so much for popping in and spending a little time with me and may your polish never bubble.