I am Cursed! Cursed, I say!

Hello gentle readers.

Today was a day of nightmare mani/pedi crackle attempts. Epic fail. Times two. *sigh* I must be cursed. Or I did something very, very wrong. Probably the latter. Let me 'splain.

I started off with a pedicure. Started applying my Orly Ridge Filling Base Coat to my toenails. I wanted a couple of coats, since many of my toenails are quite ridged. As I painted on more and more I got to liking the soft, off white tone on my toesies and decided to just apply to opaque and smooth. Okay. Got that done, it was drying (sorta... with that many coats, I don't know how much it was drying) and I got the bright idea to top it with China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Crushed Candy. I applied it and it started cracking. Sorta.

Got to my big toe nails and it cracked some and pulled bck from the cuticle so far I thought I had done a Ruffian. I waited a while and kind of pulled it back down with my finger. Tore it. Thought about cleaning it off and starting over then decided it looked fine, since I rarely show my toes in public, anyway. Topped it with Seche Vite and carried on with my manicure.

Don't worry. No toe pictures.

I do kinda wonder if my pedi is dried and cured, yet. I am going to be lacing my feet into my walking shoes in a little while and heading out to the lake for a nice, long hike. Should be interesting to see what condition my pedi is in when I get home. :P

So, it was mani time. (Anyone go in their heads to Hammer Time? No? Just me? Thought so.)  I decided to apply Maybelline Wet Shine nail enamel in Banana Puddin'. Just out of curiosity, why the hell can't people put the g on the end of "ing" words? Am I the only one who is bugged by this? Anywhoozle, I applied three coats of Banana Puddin' too get it smooth and somewhat opaque. Took a few pictures and grabbed my China Glaze Crackle Glaze. Applied it and waited for the magic to happen. I was expecting the magic. I figured that the toes were an anomaly, since I applied over thick basecoat.

Ha! The crackle polish goddesses laughed. Really. They did. I could hear them!

 Okay, first I am going to show you pictures of the Maybelline Banana Puddin'. (Geeze! I just want to shudder every time I type that!) All photographs were taken in afternoon sun and are clickable to make big. (But I don't advise it.)

 Maybelline Wet Shine in Banana Puddin'. Three coats.

 Pretty soft, light yellow crelly. A little sheer. A little streaky but levels out nicely after three coats. Still had a little VNL. A fourth coat would have taken care of that.

 I should have just slapped on a coat of Seche Vite and called it good. My nails looked nice. 

But noooo...

I couldn't be happy with sunny, happy yellow nails. 

I had to try the crackle, again.

On it went. And I got this. Gaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Crackle fail Ruffian. It pulled up away from my cuticles. Didn't crack worth a good damn. I tried to pull it gently back down and tore it near my cuticle on my ring finger nail. *sigh*

 Left thumb nail. Just one big old crack. Ruffian style.

Right hand. Yeah... I am convinced that I suck and crackles hate me. lol

I am not ready to give up on this stuff, yet. Maybe it doesn't like to be applied over thick, still pretty wet polish. Maybe it needs a thinner base, one that is more dry. I shall try again! I shall persevere. I shall make this work. 

Or, I will lob the fucking bottle out into the sweet by and by. 

I prefer to make it work. The thought of tossing a bottle of polish into oblivion makes me feel a little queasy. 

Or is that the grated, out of a plastic tube Parmesan cheese I sprinkled on my lunch salad? 
Okay. So. I think I have whined, enough. Oh! And I am no longer wearing that freak show, just in case you are wondering. I was actually going to put on Seche Vite and make myself wear it until tomorrow but kind fate intervened. As I was coming back in from taking photographs, I caught my pinkie nail on the cord for the blind on my front door and it tore the polish right off that nail. Saved by the freak accident. lol

I am now wearing Nubar Reclaim. And I will be showing this mani, later. It's heavenly. Just saying. :D

Thank you for popping in. Have a great rest of your holiday and may your crackle never fail.


  1. I've been told that the crackles work better over completely dry polish.

  2. I've tried a few CG crackles and they didn't work very well for me either! But OPI works amazingly! I thought I was doing something wrong because CG wouldn't work for me! But OPI did great :) If it is any consolation, they yellow and blue look fabulous together!

  3. Trailerhood is right - it's gotta go over 100% dry polish. Works great over Seche - provides a dry, hard to the touch surface for the crackle to "slide" across ass it dries and separates.

    However, I had trouble with the Sally Hansen crackles. The OPI and China Glaze worked GREAT for me, but the SH just never worked quite right - I got a serious Ruffian effect from it.

    Give it another shot with dry polish (I've been using crackle to "extend" a manicure after I've worn it for a few days). I'm sure it'll work for you, it just takes a little getting used to!

  4. Oh, dear! That isn't right. :/ If I read correctly, you did this over wet polish? If so, give it a go over dry. Now, go Hammer Time! LOL

  5. To redrover: I read that the Sally Hansen crackles work better over still-tacky polish, so they shouldn't be dry. I've been having problems with them too, but I just saw that tip this weekend... Hope it helps!

  6. You poor thing what a terrible time with polish :( i would of cried and just took it all over and went "nude" LOL!!!!!! I loooooove reclaim i want to get some for myself!!! but everywhere i find its sooooo expensive :'(

  7. aww, what a series of unfortunate events. I love the yellow though, it's so nice and soft, not so in your face.

    I am picking up my bottle of Reclaim tomorrow (purchased it online), I cannot wait to try it out!

  8. I loved!!! You have good taste, congratulations.


  9. I have 1 china glaze crack and it work awesome with me, i used a thing coat over all dry polish. Try that next time and lets see. good luck :)

  10. Oh, dearest! Sorry about your "misadventures" ;)
    I have the Black Mesh Crackle from China Glaze. It works very well, but over DRY polish. I've had the same experience as you. I thought my crackle didn't work, until the day I've came home from work, wearing a mani done back in the morning, and decided to give it another try! And then it worked ;)
    Good luck!

  11. STOP.
    HAMMERTIME. Yeah, you got me with that, I immediately went right there! :P
    Banana Puddin'! WANTWANTWANT. It's so cute on you. To me, that's the ultimate soft yellow polish. Did you find it at a DT?? Yeah, it kind of bugs me to not have the g on there, but what bugs me more is when they put dashes in the names. Seriously. What's up with that crap?
    Definitely slap some Seche or whatever on it, and wait until it's dry - I just used my ChG on top of a dry jelly mani and it worked like a charm, no ruffian whatsoever!

  12. Erika, When I applied the crackle my polish was completely dry so that may be the problem. I also had already had the dry topcoat before the crackle. BTW I love the Banana Puddin' even if it is a dorky name. That is a color I would love to try. I don't usually go for golds and yellows but that is so pale and feminine and lovely, I adore it. It looks good on you too.

  13. You need to apply thin layers with crackles - otherwise you just this kind of ugly manicure (sorry for that, but hate to know that you give up using crackles because this one ruined it for you!).
    Plus, you gotta let the nail polish dry entirely, cause if you won't, you might find out that your nail polish shrinked!

  14. Yes:
    1. Protip: Crackle/Shatter need "slip".
    2. Thin layers work best.


  15. Oh man, now I keep hearing Hammertime! Bwahaha.

    As has been said, the ChG crackles have to go over dry polish. So do the OPI ones. The SH ones work with slightly tacky polishes, and if you get any Kleancolor ones, you have to play around and find just the right level of tack. I'm working on trying more crackle/shatter polishes to see how they go as well.

    Also, they need to just suck it up and put that G at the end! Argh!!


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