Manicure of Misery?

Hello gentle readers.

Blogger is finally, at long last back up and running. I was going through withdrawals. lol It is good to be able to post and read, again.

I am not terribly happy about today's manicure and have decided to see the good in it and learn from the experience. I am not unhappy with the products I used. Merely the finished manicure. You will see why, soon. :)

I applied Color Club Tangerine Scream, a fabulous, super bright true orange neon, then I added little fimo flowers I received from Born Pretty Store. I topped it all off with Seche Vite. Sounds not too bad, right? Well... It is. Pretty bad. Take a gander:

 Taken in shade. This polish freaks my camera out and of all the shots I fired off, none was even close to colour accurate. This polish is a true fluorescent orange. Traffic cones dream of being this colour. I love it. :D
 Sadly, the photos are even worse in sun. *sigh*

Lessons learned from this manicure? Fimo. I like it but less is definitely more. I wanted my nails to look as if they had had flowers dropped all over them. Instead, they ended up just looking lame and too crowded. If my nails were longer, I think this idea would have worked better.

Thicker is better. Very thin slices curl up when they land on topcoat to be glued down. Some flattened themselves back out, some didn't. Thicker slices don't curl so much, if at all.

Buttloads of Seche Vite needed. I had to really pile it on thick, thick, thick to fill in around and under otherwise I would get my hair and clothes caught in my manicure all the time.

Color Club Tangerine Scream is a good polish, especially for a neon. The formula is fairly silky, almost jelly-ish. The first coat was a little streaky but not too bad. Subsequent coats leveled it very nicely and the polish is nearly fully opaque after three coats. I just have a little VNL in indoor light. I have a bit of staining on my cuticles. Too much coffee and too little food resulted in shaky hands and some messiness. This polish is very pigmented and it will stain dry skin, in spite of cleanup. So, from now on I will be sure I am steady handed before I use this polish. lol Dry time is typically neon fast and it dries satin matte. Topcoat is required for shiny. This polish will likely get a good bit of air time, this Summer. I am looking forward to trying it after I get a little colour.

In upcoming entries I will have a review of a polish from hell and a bronzer from heaven.

Until then, thank you all so much for popping in. Have a fab day and may your polish never bubble.