Manicure of the Moment... Repaired

Hello gentle readers. It is Thursday. Already. Where is this week going? Where ever it is going, it is headed there, fast.

I was doing a fast sort of my polish stash yesterday. I had all of my tried polishes mixed in with untrieds and it was just a mess. And I don't like messes. So I separated them. And I made a couple if discoveries. I need new polish storage. My hatboxes, as pretty and fun as they are are just not sufficient, any longer. They are a pain in the ass. I have to unstack and stack, dig around, move and heave and quite frankly, I am getting a little tired of it. Time to see about a different option. With much better organization.

The other thing I discovered? I have a shitload of untried polishes. They are in my second biggest hatbox and they are piled in two layers. I didn't realize I had so many until I did my sort job. A part of me is wishing I hadn't, now. lol  But I did and now I must deal with it. All I can think of doing is to do a Manicure of the Moment/review post every day or as often as I possibly can until I have worked through the backlog. Not buying polish isn't going to happen. But maybe I can slow down a little. ^^ If I get serious about this, I should be able to clear out my untrieds pretty quickly. I could just do swatch posts, too. I may go ahead and do a few. That would help. :)

Okay, now on to the reason why we are really here. The polish I am wearing, today. This is Color Club Sheer Disguise. But in my opinion, it isn't sheer, at all. This is a pretty blue-grey crelly. I applied three coats and topped it with Seche Vite. I love, love, love this colour. It is so soft and dusty and beautiful. Quite gentle and ladylike but most certainly not boring, in the least. Tho it isn't a traditionally neutral colour, I can see this possibly working very nicely for even more conservative work places. My husband likes this one, as well. He says it looks like the sea.

I was oiling my cuticles after I finished my manicure and I noticed a splotch of oil on my left index finger so I grabbed a rectangle of cotton fabric I use for removing polish (sans remover, of course!) and tried to buff the oil off. But I rubbed way too hard and when I took the bit of fabric back I discovered to my horror that I had done a Dr. Destructo on my nail. The polish was all scrunched up like an accordion on the upper half of my nail.

Oh. Shit! I was so mad at myself for being so careless and I thought that I would have to clean it off and re do that nail. But before I did, I decided to see if I could fix it. I will do just about anything I can to fix a mucked up nail before going to the lengths of removing the polish and re painting it. I am just stubborn, that way. And I admit, I get a thrill out of fixing what looks to be a ruined nail. I used the cloth and a tiny bit of oil picked up from my cuticle to gently but firmly smooth the polish back down my nail and back into place. I kept working it until it was just about back to normal then I used my tongue to further smooth and move the polish back into place. When I had smoothed it as well as humanly possible, I had a little wrinkling at my cuticle and a little in the upper third of my nail. Not too bad, considering the mess I had just made of it. But not back to what it should be, either.

I then applied a thick, fresh coat of Seche Vite to the nail and it began to further smooth it's self out. It is now over two hours later and I honestly can't see any flaw in my polish, unless I get my nail right up under my nose and look very carefully where the worst of the wrinkling was. Amazing. And happy day. I didn't have to redo the nail. Heh heh.

I love Seche Vite. It melts the polish, penetrates it right down to your nail, becoming one with your polish. It is wonderful for smoothing a slightly streaky application and it also does a decent job smoothing away bubbles. And, if I muck up a nail, dent it or worse, I can often smooth or repair the damage thanks to the fact that it remains mouldable but not squishy. (Not talking jelly squishy, here. ;)) I have smoothed out so many dents and divots and ended up with a near flawless finish. Just like I made today's repair and have a near imperceptible fix.

So, now that I have nattered on and on, how about some pictures? I have lots, so get ready. These are clickable to make big, as always.

 In sun. If you enlarge and look at the index finger nail, you can clearly see the wrinkles radiating from the outer edge on the upper third of my nail. But the repair was already looking pretty good to the eye, by this point.

 Cropped in close on just my nail. Look at those wrinkles! *ack!*

 This colour is so pretty. My camera photographed it much blue-er than it is in reality. There is a lot of grey in this polish.

 In shade. It still looks a bit too blue.

 A while after the first bunch were taken, I noticed that the wrinkling had further smoothed. You can see here that it is even less visible.

 And closer. Unless you know where to look, the flaws are harder to see.

 I included this photo, taken in my kitchen because it is closer to the actual colour of this polish. I posed my hand on my stainless steel water bottle I carry when out walking.

 And closer, after a while had passed.

And closer, still. Can you see where the wrinkling was? Hard to see, huh?

The formula of this polish was a bit troublesome. It was thick and gloopy and streaky. Not exactly what I was expecting from a polish that is named Sheer Disguise. And certainly not from Color Club. I had opacity (good enough for me, anyway) at two coats but I needed three to smooth it out decently. Application of Seche Vite melted it, smoothing out the last of the streakies and the bubbling I had, as well. I am hoping that this not so great formula was just an aberration and the rest of the polishes in this collection will be a little sweeter of nature. Since this polish was so thick, after I finished my mani I tossed in a couple of extra ballz and dumped in some thinner and shook the living snot out of it. Hopefully it will be more biddable when I wear it, again. 

And I will wear this again. This colour is too pretty to pass up. :D

Are you stubborn like me, determined to fix a futzed up nail, rather than re paint it? Have you had success effecting repairs on carelessly injured nails? I'd love to hear how you fix your boo-boos.

Okay, this is already longer than War and Peace and I know that you all have lives to live, so I am going to wrap this up. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful afternoon and may your polish never bubble.


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