Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. Still here? Yeah? Me too. :D

Today I decided to wear the first of my new Anchors Away polishes and since Trincess mentioned that Hey Sailor is her favourite of the collection, I felt it only right and proper that I wear that colour, first. Since I am a little nutty for a great red polish, it was an easy choice.

Yes, lovies, this is China Glaze Hey Sailor from their 2011 Anchors Away Spring collection. This is a very bright, intensely pigmented true red crelly. In the shade, it tones redredred and a little cooler, in sun it looks a little warmer, brighter. I love this colour. I love the polish, the formula... It is just smashing. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

I took photographs in shade and in sun to show how this red tones in different light. And so that you can see how creamy and how squishy it is. All photographs are as always, clickable. (I think I need to make a little sidebar banner, telling this truth, don't I? lol)

In sun. 

In shade. Check the squish. :D

This polish has a lovely formula. It is, in my way of seeing it a crelly. It is silky, rich and opaque like a creme and it is smooth, slightly translucent and squishy like a jelly. The best of both, all rolled in to one. This polish applies beautifully, it self levels like a dream and is opaque in two coats. If I have a tiny gripe, it is that this polish is a tad runny and you need to corral it, fast as you apply it or it will try to run on you. I had a little cuticle flooding. Nothing drastic, nothing that upset me, most of my cleanup was fussbudget refining. I did have a little bit of a battle with this polish on my index finger nail, as you can see by my wonky gap. We were both left a little scarred. lol Dry time is good. I was able to get back to normal very soon after applying this polish. 

Good thing, since the world could end at any moment. ;) 

So, do you own this polish? Do you like it? 

Want it? 

Think I should stop cracking end of the world jokes? 

If you are on the hunt for a fabulous red that, in my opinion would suit many wearers, whether you have the fairest, most porcelain or the deepest, richest ebony skin tone, you might really like this polish. :)
Okay, I need to go take care of something. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great Caturday and may your polish never bubble.