Maybelline Express Finish in Coraliscious: a Review

Hello gentle readers.

This evening I have a review of a polish that I had such high hopes for. Hopes that were dashed upon the rocks after painting only two nails. I don't have swatches of this polish to show you. I will explain why, shortly. This is Maybelline Express Finish nail enamel in Coraliscious. This is one of a limited edition collection for Summer. (I think...). I bought this polish at my local Walgreen's. I considered buying more than one of the polishes in the collection, as they had some great colours to be had but changed my mind, since I wanted to see how I liked one before I invested in more colours.

Boy am I ever glad I did! Let us begin with the photographs. These are clickable, if you want to see them gigantor.

 In sun.

In shade.

I want to start by saying something nice about this polish. The nice thing was the colour. This was a true, old fashioned slightly red tinged coral colour. It looks a bit more orange in the bottle, but on the nail it is the colour of coral jewelery you used to see back in the seventies. This shade immediately evoked memories of chic young women with butt length pin straight hair parted in the middle sporting soft blue eye shadow and wearing hand embroidered peasant blouses and bell bottom jeans. Tanned to a perfect bronze, they would set off that perfect tan with coral jewelery set in gold. To me, these young women were the epitome of beauty and cool and I longed to suddenly grow up and be one of them.

Sadly, that is where my fondness for this polish ends. Let us begin with the brush. Gah! What the hell was Maybelline thinking with that brush? It is a kinda sorta wannabe wide-ish brush. It was hard as a rock. It had barely any give and it didn't spread at all. Using that brush was almost like trying to paint my nails with a board. The polish, which is a jelly-ish, slightly translucent formula went on in hills and furrows. It tried valiantly to level it's self out, in spite of the horror show of a brush. The fact that it was jelly-ish and translucent and wanted to self level gave me hope. Hope that I could, perhaps decant the nice polish in a so-so bottle with a crap brush into a bottle with a good brush and save the polish.

I grabbed a cotton round and removed the polish from the two nails to which I had applied it so that I could start over fresh with a new brush and that is where my hopes died a sad and sudden death. My two nails, which had worn that polish for a maximum of two minutes were already stained! Yikes! In just that short time, that polish managed to stain my nails right through my basecoat. If it stained my nails after just a couple of minutes, imagine what would have happened if I had applied two or three coats and worn them for a few days or so. Needless to say, the polish stayed right where it was. In it's original bottle with it's original brush. And there it shall remain. I will be returning this polish to Walgreen's next time I pop in. I can use the money I will get back to buy a polish or two that I will actually be able to use.

For me, this collection is a total bust. I am so soured on this polish and so disappointed that I am not even going to try any of the other colours in this collection. 

Have you tried any of the polishes in this collection? What was your experience with them? Did you love them? Not? Please do share. I am interested to know how it worked for you. :)

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great night and may your polish never bubble. Or stain your nails.


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