One Year!

Hello gentle readers.

Today is my one year Blogoversary. I can't believe that I have been hanging out with all of you for a whole year, already. Time flies when you are having fun. :D

I originally started this blog to have a place to put my manicure pictures and talk about my polishes. I first found the blogs through a fellow nail blogger who also hangs on a site where I also reside. There is a thread on that site about nails and I saw some of her beautiful pictures and followed her link to her blog. I read her blog, then perused her blogroll and started reading other nail blogs. This reignited my love of polish and I started photographing my own manicures and posting them on my other blog.

I also started buying more polishes. When this all started I had nine OPI polishes, mostly pinks. That was the full extent of my collection. lol  I started slowly buying a few different polishes and taking more pictures. My other blog was getting too crowded, cluttered and chaotic for my liking so I decided to start my own nail blog and keep the two blog interests neatly in their own places. (I am big on keeping things put away and organized.) And so Ice Queen's Nail Parlour was born.

By June my pretty little carousel where I stored my polishes would no longer hold all of them. It was overflowing and I thought I had a lot of polishes.

I was strictly an OPI girl when this whole thing started. But you all enabled me terribly and I bought my first China Glaze. Ruby Pumps, of course! lol And Orly and Sinful Colors and Sally Hansen and Color Club and... and... and...

As I continued to read blogs, make friends and have fun I also learned how to do pretty manicures. Rather than just applying one sloppy coat of colour and calling it done, I learned how to properly layer my base, enamel and topper to make a smooth. glossy, longer lasting manicure that I was proud to have people see. I learned how to properly apply and I learned, from the oh-so-fabulous Megan Chair how to do cleanup. Which revolutionized my manicure life, let me tell ya. :D

And I bought more polish. With my husband's help, might I add. The guy likes to see pretty nails. I even let him choose a polish for me, now and then and he hits it, every time. Hidden talent. Who knew? lol So, my little collection slowly but steadily grew until now. It now inhabits all four of my hatboxes and I need new storage. Yipes! I still have a little room... So I have a little time. For now.

Over this last year, this blog has become more than just a place to put pictures and talk about polish. It is where I meet up with friends, have a place to discuss common interests with a great bunch of gals and relax, have some fun and forget about all of my busy, busy, busy and stresses for a little while. This blog is my play space and my spot in which I can express some of my creativity. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for embracing me, making me feel like one of the girls, coming around and reading, leaving your lovely comments and following my blog. When I got my first follower shortly after starting this blog, I squeee'd with delight. And I squeee with delight every time I see a new picture in my followers box. I appreciate each and every one of you so much.

Okay, I need to run. I have three more loads of laundry to do. Where does it all come from?!?!?! I feel as if laundry has become my life! lol I also have to start up my dishwasher, clean my bathroom, dust, vacuum, make my bed and do a hundred other stupid little chores to get my house back as I like it. I will be back later to post my giveaway. I just wanted to gush in one post and do that in another so this doesn't become too monsterously long. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Not a word. So sue me. lol)

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. <3