Reader Request Comparison Post

Hello gentle readers. Today I have a reader request comparison post to share with you. I was asked to show Orly Galaxy Girl with Orly Royal Velvet together. I wanted to do this comparison yesterday but things were a bit busy around here and I wasn't in the mood to do my nails when I did get a little free time so today it had to be. :)

I left Orly Royal Velvet on my middle and pinkie finger nails and applied Orly Galaxy Girl on my index and ring finger nails. I applied topcoat to all four, to refresh the shine on Royal Velvet and to shine up Galaxy Girl. As you will see in the photographs, these polishes are very different in both colour and formula.These are all two coats.

In these photos I was able to better capture the duochrome shift in Royal Velvet, so I included pics of that bottle. I also got pretty good shots of the duochrome glitter in Galaxy Girl. All photographs are clickable to enlarge and were taken in cloud filtered sun. Do enlarge to get the full effect of these two lovely polishes.

The last two photographs were taken in semi shade to get in and delve into the glitter in Galaxy Girl. :)

These polishes both contain purple but that is where their similarity ends. Royal Velvet is a smooth duochrome polish that shifts from dark blue to purple depending on the lighting and angle at which the polish is viewed.

Galaxy Girl is a bruised purple jelly packed with fine duochrome glitter. The glitter shifts from bright blue to magenta/purple and even a hint of goldy-bronze.

Both polishes are Orly-licious formula. Lovely to apply, quick-ish to dry and gorgeous to look at. They are both worth owning and wearing. They are both available at various Ulta stores and from some e-tailers.

Okay, so there you have it. A comparison of Orly Royal Velvet and Orly Galaxy Girl. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful afternoon and may your polish never bubble.


  1. It's getting harder & harder for me not to buy Royal Velvet but I need to save my pennies!

  2. Royal Velvet > Galaxy Girl
    Both are gorgeous polishes though!

  3. I still like them both. Each one has its own personality so it wouldn't seem like having dupes. Thanks for the comparison post; love 'em!

  4. I really like Royal Velvet, like Madeline above me it's getting hard not ti buy it but, also like her, I have no money left for polishes these days... weeks... or, well, months.
    Thank yo for this very nice comparison post, by the way!!!

  5. Thank you so much! All of the pictures I had seen of Royal Velvet made it look a lot like Galaxy Girl, so you can imagine how wide my eyes opened when I saw your pics. O.O

    Of course, my wallet hates you, but what else is new?

  6. I was wondering about these. Great comparison. Thank you for the work you put into them. I'm going to stick with Galaxy Girl - its one of my all time favorite Orly colors and even though Royal Velvet is a different color, I don't think I need it.


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