Review: Maybelline Shine Sensation Chillers Lip Gloss in Want It Watermelon

Hello gentle readers. Today I have a beauty review for you. A while back I purchased Maybelline Express Finish Nail Enamel in Coraliscious and a tube of Maybelline Shine Sensation Chillers Lip Gloss in Want It Watermelon. There was a BOGO 1/2 off deal at my local Walgreen's at the time and there was a one dollar tear off  pad coupon for the gloss. I went in to buy the polish and grabbed the gloss as an afterthought because it was such a great bargain. I thought, at the time that I was going to love the polish and end up returning the gloss.

In truth, it went quite the opposite. My review of the polish in the picture, above can be found here. Sadly, for me, this polish was a total bust. But, the lip gloss was a very pleasant surprise!

Maybelline Shine Sensation Chillers Lip Gloss in Want It Watermelon comes in a squeeze tube with a plastic, moulded softly rounded, angled applicator tip. It is easy to apply and control. I am a real stickler for precise lip colour application. You should see me put on lipstick. I have been teased about how carefully I apply. lol This gloss goes on pretty nicely. I prefer a wand applicator but this tube works fine.

If you are looking for the result you see on the photograph on the in store display, be prepared to apply a ton of product with a brush and probably build Hoover Dam on your lips to keep the stuff in place. The look I get from this gloss is far more subtle. And less goopy. lol The shine is there but it is softer. The texture of this gloss is pleasant. It is thick enough to stay in place for a while but it isn't very sticky or tacky. It feels light and smooth on my lips. It doesn't last a long time, but I never expect expect lip gloss to lost for long. Short life on is simply the nature of the beast.

This gloss has a light, fresh, citrusy scent and flavour. It is sweet, but not cloying or sickeningly so. From the name, Want It Watermelon, I was fully expecting a watermelon scent and flavour. To me, this is more grapefruit than watermelon. Which isn't a bad thing. I like grapefruit. But be forewarned, if you are expecting watermelon, you will likely be disappointed. The scent and flavour of this gloss isn't very strong. I like scented and flavoured gloss so this doesn't bug me but if you are sensitive or don't like them, you might want to give this gloss a pass.

The biggest surprise from this gloss is how moisturising it is for me. I have notoriously picky lips. Products that are touted as moisturising, products that thousands, millions of other women find moisturising dry my lips terribly. And I was honestly expecting no better from this gloss. Boy was I wrong! I can wear this gloss all day and my lips feel soft and pampered and happy at the end of the day. I love that. And I love that I found a drugstore brand gloss that actually works for my chap prone lips.

Overall, I like this gloss. It is a great price, easily available, shiny, silky and moisturising. It's minor drawbacks are a more subtle shine, a very short life on and the fact that the name is a little misleading, when it comes to the scent and flavour but these aren't enough to put me off. For just day to day quick on shine, this is a nice product and I would definitely buy it, again.