Review: Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Hello gentle readers. I have a beauty review for you, today.

I have used bronzers for many years. I consider a good bronzer to be a necessary part of my makeup arsenal. Being of the paler persuasion, a good bronzer gives me a nice kiss of colour without my having to expose my delicate flower face to the harsh rays of the Arizona sun.

A bad bronzer, however can make me look like a terracotta clay pot or as if I rubbed my face in the dirt. Not good looks, if you ask me. I have never wished to look like an Oompa Loompa or like a grubby toddler who has spent the afternoon playing in the sandbox.

My criteria for a good bronzer is a soft, light golden tan/brown with a slightly pink undertone. No orange and any shimmer must be subtle. Price is also important to me as I am on a screamingly tight beauty budget. In my honest opinion, bronzer is one of those items that, unless you are wedded to department store brands only, you don't need to pay a lot of money for. I have used both high end and drugstore bronzers and if you choose carefully there is little difference in quality between them. Now, before you get mad at me and fire up your flame throwers, bear in mind that I am not trashing high end cosmetics. I like them just fine. (in fact, I like them a lot... *sigh*) I just don't see the point in splashing out a lot of my limited funds for a product if I don't have to.

One bronzer that meets all of my criteria is Rimmel Natural Bronzer. It comes in a couple of shades, a lighter one and a darker one. I don't remember the name of the darker one (should have made a note of it when I was in the store) the lighter one is called Sun Light. This is the shade I chose for myself. The usual price for this bronzer at Walgreen's is five dollars and change. Last week, Rimmel products were on sale for half off and I had a coupon for a dollar off. So I scored this bronzer for about two dollars. I love getting a good deal and this was definitely a good one. :D

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Light is a soft golden brown/tan with a hint of a pink undertone. There is no disturbing orange in this bronzer. There is a very soft, subtle shimmer that is only visible in direct sun. It isn't sparkle. I don't look like that Twilight vamp when I step out in the sun. Sun Light is the perfect kiss of Summer for my fair skin. It gently warms up my complexion, softly contours and makes me look bright and as if I have been out playing in the sun for a while. I don't look at all dirty or orange. This bronzer is so soft and subtle that it is hard to over do it. Which is good... Too much bronzer is a makeup faux pas that none of us wants to commit.

 This is what the package looks like. Pretty bare bones. Now, I admit it... I am a pretty packaging ho. I have been suckered into buying many a cosmetic item based on "Oooo! Shiny!" and "Oooo! Pretty!" This one caught my attention based solely on the product inside.

 Here is the bronzer. It is a pressed powder with a cute sun pattern embossed in it. (These two shots were taken indoors in fluorescent lighting, skewing the true colour, a bit. I don't have a light box and white light lamp, at this time.)

I swatched this bronzer on the inside of my arm. My skin is... White. Not ghostly, porcelain pale but pretty danged white. lol I did two swatches on my arm: One was applied in a streak with a sponge makeup applicator and one with my bronzer brush. I actually over applied a bit for the purpose of these swatches and the colour is still pretty subtle, as you will see. 

 Photo taken indoors in natural light through my window.

 Outdoors in shade.

Outdoors in sun. All photos were shot without flash and are clickable to expand. If you click twice to take the photo too maximum big, you can see the subtle shimmer. Trust me, it is subtle. lol

I like this bronzer. A lot. And I would definitely buy it, again. The price and the way this bronzer performs for me makes it a winner in my book and earns it a spot in my makeup collection.

Have you tried Rimmel Natural Bronzer? Did you like it? Not like it? Please share, as I am interested in your impression of this product. 

Thank you so much for popping in and have yourself a great day.


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