Stamping All Over the Purple

Hello gentle readers. How's your Saturday going? Enjoying it, I hope. :D

I decided to jazz up yesterday's purple with a little stamping action. So I grabbed a fouxnad plate I bought from Amazon (MASH... Konad knockoffs, as I discovered when they arrived at my home. While I do think that knocking off other company's images is a bit stinky, I paid so little for the plates, there was no point in paying to return them, so I am going to have to get over it.) and my bottle of China Glaze Hi-Tek, a lovely rose gold from their Khrome collection. I like the rosy tone of the gold against the purple.

This is a kinda-sorta fail, since I mucked up my placement a bit and had to do a little filling in, resulting in over stamp and making things look a bit muddled and slightly smeary, in macro. But, since I doubt anyone is going to be grabbing my hand and inspecting my nails under a loupe, I think I'm safe. And if anyone does grab my hand and inspect my nails under a loupe, they probably have serious boundary issues and I will wish to avoid them, in the future.

So, here are the pictures. They are, as always, clickable to enlarge. I don't suggest it, tho. Unless you have boundary issues, you loupe carrying freak. ;) :P lol (I hope that you get that was a joke. :))

 An attempt at being all artsy-fartsy. Dig those sausage-y fingers. Niiice! *not!*

 A little closer... And just look at those areas where I tried to fill in.
 And a little closer... Smeary and over stamped areas are more evident. *sigh*

And closest. Trust me, you don't need to see this. lol

Obviously, I need more practice and should stamp more often. Maybe I would actually learn how to place my images properly, thus ending the need for filling in and humiliation at showing my over stamped and smeary spots in macro. :P

I topped this all in another coat of Seche Vite for shine and to brighten everything up. 

Okay, thanks for popping in, love bugs. Have a great weekend and may your polish never bubble or your stamping never smear.


  1. The stamping turned out nice for an inexpensive plate~

  2. I need this design, it's so pretty! Unfortunately full nails are always to small for my nails. :-(
    This looks great on you!

  3. woah! that's cool. i have a stamping plate as well but it doesn't work as good as this. i think i need A LOT more practice!


  4. I can't even tell where you were filing it in. It looks great! Really like the color combo of these two :)

  5. I can't see any mess ups! It's gorgeous!!! Those two colors together are really nice.

  6. Thank you all. <3

    Carrie, try practicing a new image on paper, before committing to your nails. That is what I do. Saves me a lot of aggravation and ruined polish jobs. :D

  7. I think it came out cute, nice colors, i can't even see where the smudge is, u covered it nicely, and I lenjoyed your cute jokes.

  8. I really like this mani, and the first picture is adorable! ^^


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