Hello gentle readers. Happy Friday. Memorial Day Weekend begins. Three day weekend.

Do you know what that means?

My husband and son.






Lord, take me now.

So, I was going to do a new manicure to show more of my untried polish but I changed my mind. I decided to stamp yesterday's manicure, instead. I had an image I was dying to try and I thought it would work very nicely with this polish. I stamped from BM 225 with Konad Special White.

I love this design. It is a reverse image of a flower and swirls and leaves. So. Pretty. I can see this becoming another favourite. I topped this with Seche Vite after the stamping polish had a chance to dry a while. Happiness. :)

This photograph was taken in direct sun. It is clickable to make big and bigger. 

Okay, so that is all I have, for now. I am posting this and watching So You Think You Can Dance on my DVR. This show is my yearly Summer favourite. The one year they tried to do a Fall season it was a disappointment. This is a Summer show. Can I get an Amen!?

Okay, time to go. I have stuff to do. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful afternoon and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Good luck this weekend! Be strong!

  2. ..."and may your polish never bubble" LOL!!!
    You are the best! :)
    Love the stamp!

  3. That stamp almost created this 3D effect. Lovely flower mani :)

  4. Love these. It looks like the flowers have shadow, almost like they were airbrushed - beautiful :-)

  5. Wow, that stamp is amazing. It's so pretty.

  6. This pattern even reminds me of a summer one. I can see a sunroom with wicker furniture and this as the cushion pattern. Crisp and clean!

    I hope you get some 'me/alone' time this weekend. :)

  7. Love the stamp. I can see there is even more to learn than I knew yesterday. I will have to look into stamps.

  8. this is so pretty!

    and i totally agree! SYTYCD is a summer show for sure!!

  9. I showed this to Rambo cuz I love it so much..

  10. Thank you all so much. <3

    Karen, stamping is easy and fun. It just takes a little practice but it isn't hard to learn. My biggest issue has been lining my images up correctly but I am getting better at it.

  11. Nice mani, I love the pattern! :)

  12. LOVE that stamp! It's absolutely gorgeous! So detailed and just amazing! *WANT* Great post (best of luck with the husband and son underfoot!)


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