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Comparison~~ OPI Princesses Rule! Old and New Formula

Hello gentle readers. Cripes! Up to my eyes. Whew! But I have a few, so I thought I would do a quick comparison post of my two bottles of OPI Princesses Rule! I first bought this polish back in... '07? I think? Or '08. Can't remember... I think it was '08... Maybe... Anywhoozle. I fell in love with it the moment I first applied it to my nails and I have loved it madly, ever since. I have used it so many times that the level in the bottle is getting pretty low and I decided I needed a backup bottle so I ordered one from Amazon. Funny thing, when I was down in the Valley, last month, I considered buying that backup bottle at Ulta, but I changed my mind, then. I remember looking at the bottle of Princesses Rule! at that time and thinking that it looked a bit different from my old bottle at home. I thought I must have remembered it wrong. But, when I received my bottle from the Amazon seller and took a good look at it, I realized that I was right. They are different.