Feeling Peckish?

Hello gentle readers.

Wooooof! Busy! I finally got a little breather this afternoon. The Boyz have gone down to the Valley to the ballgame at Chase Field and I have the rest of the day and evening to myself. Just me and the hairbags. Heaven. :D

Today I had a little fun and I applied a manicure I am seeing all over the blogs. The glitter and jelly sandwich manicure. And, I have to say, I find it delicious. I used two polishes, Revlon Just Tinted in Mystical; a luscious rose wine jelly and Wet-N-Wild Party of Five Glitters. I applied two coats of the jelly then a coat of the glitter then a final jelly coat. I topped this mani with Seche Vite. I am so happy with this mani and I can't stop admiring it. I just want to hug the stuffing about of whomever invented this mani. And that is weird, since I am not a hugger. lol I give a lot of cyber hugs but I am very hands off! in real life. :P

My poor nails have had to ride the grinder bus back to Nubbin Town. *sigh* I was in Sears, yesterday trying on new walking shoes and I had to try... Five? Six? Thousand pair? Gah!! I had forgotten what a frakking pain in the ass buying the perfect athletic shoes can be. It has been far, far too long since I bought walking shoes. My old ones were older than dirt and deader than a doornail. lol I went in thinking it would take five minutes. That I would grab a pair of Reebok size 10 Wide (yes, I have huge feet... wanna make something of it? :P) walking shoes, try then on, scoot around in them for a moment and walk out in them.

Ha! Laughed the shoe goddesses. Over an hour and uncountable pairs of shoes, miles walked in the store test driving pair after pair after pair after pair, and one hideously broken thumbnail (waaahhhh!!!) later I walked out of the store in a pair of size 10 Medium New Balance running shoes. Lessons learned? Don't go in with preconceived notions, don't shop to size, do shop to fit, don't be hidebound on brand or type. I am a walker but my perfect walking shoes are running shoes. Who knew? :D

So, my poor nails are back to nubbins to let my destroyed thumbnail grow back out, again. Gah!

Okay. 'nuff nattering. On to the peechurs! They are clickable for bigness, if you wish.

 In the sun. As you can see, even with three coats, this polish isn't opaque, it is VNL-y. Which I don't mind one teensy little bit. :)

 In the shade. Look how squish-a-licious! :D

Revlon Just Tinted in Mystical is a glowing rose wine jelly polish. Very translucent, at least four coats of this polish would be required for opacity. The formula is lovely. It is thin but not runny. It applied so easily and sat right down where I placed it. I had little cleanup. What I did have to do was just fussbudget nonsense. This polish dries fast. And it dries matte. Weirdness for a jelly, wouldn't you say? No worries, tho. Topcoat brings out the luscious, squishy qualities of this beautiful polish. It was BOGO 1/2 at my local Walgreen's and I bought all four shades. Greedy polish piggy I am. lol

Wet-N-Wild Party of Five Glitters is a multi coloured glitter with tiny round,  small and medium hex sequins in a thick, gloopy clear jelly base. Application and getting the glitter all over is a bit of a challenge. I actually had to dig in the bottle with the brush and dab glitter, here and there to fill in all the bare spots. I need to thin this polish a bit and see if application and spreading the glitter gets any easier. Once on, tho it is very pretty. There is red, pink, blue, green, silver... Very pretty. And it looks great sandwiched in jelly. 

So, gentle reader, have you tried a glitter and jelly sandwich? It may be just the best little polish snack, evah! Pass the tea, please. 
Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific Saturday night and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I love this mani, it's gorgeous! I've never layered a jelly and glitter polish, but I think I will have to now. Your nubbins are cute!

  2. Squishalicious indeed! I have got to get my paws on some of this Revlon stuff.

  3. You did awesome! I need to go back and try harder. ;)

  4. I love the name - glitter and jelly sandwich! Very pretty!

  5. Completely edible, I love it!x

  6. I haven't tried one yet but I plan to soon! :)

  7. I love these translucent jellies! Glitter makes it even more funky :) Great choice!

  8. jelly glitter sandwich.. genius. i love it! i must try...! so cuuuute.

  9. Very pretty. I have Party of Five Glitter but haven't used it yet.

  10. What an awesome jelly sammich! It's SOOOO squishy and perfect. I've been playing with these for a month now but I hadn't posted them, I first saw them on tumblr though, and had to try it. I'm glad you snatched up all of the jellies! I love them all.
    Haha, it always takes me forever to find the right "athletic" shoes. I'm a walker too.

  11. I am a new follower here, and I love your blog!! I have Party of Five Glitters (just took it off tonight actually). I love the look of it, but what a PITA to get off! Worst glitter I've ever removed. It's too bad because it's so pretty :(


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